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The New Morality

This article from the BBC (here) about Catalan Dragons recruiting Israel Folau struck me for the entrenched dogma that it portrays. Any action which pushes against the new moral values will not be tolerated. The universality of the front presented by all connected with Rugby League to condemn this action of simply giving a man a right to earn a living, i find somewhat breathtaking.

For clarity in this specific context the new moral system categorically states that homosexual relationships are to be welcomed. For anyone to question the rectitude of a man and a man and a woman having sexual relations together is to be guilty of heresy.

David Robertson discusses here how the new totalitarianism is gaining ground. He specifically cites the banning of Franklin Graham from certain venues in the UK.

The BBC is seemingly now in the vanguard and making sure that the populace are indoctrinated with the new morality. Their website has this curious tendency to give “happy-ever-after” stories for all who have embraced homosexual and transgender lifestyles.

Perhaps one way of responding might be to all become Catalan Dragons supporters. I sent a message to them thanking them for their bravery in recruiting Israel Folau. So looking forward to a victory over Huddersfield tomorrow!

And let us pray for the likes of Israel Folau that he might be a man of grace and truth as he has the spotlight on him.


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