To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

About Me

venabling My name is Philip Venables – On the 11th of September 1962 I was born in Cheshire to Clarence and Evelyn Venables.
– On 1st May 1986 I knew that I had been born again of the Holy Spirit; by the grace of our God, I was now a Christian.
– I am a husband to May Lin; we married in 1996. I am a father to Michael (born 1997), Joshua (1998), Daniel (2001), and Zechariah (2006).
– Besides serving the Lord in being a husband and father, I also seek to serve the Lord and the people of Feltham Evangelical Church in the ministry which God has called me to.
– I owe everything to the glorious grace of our glorious God.

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