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More Stomach Churning.

I wrote previously here about a bout of stomach churning. The affliction returned last Thursday upon the news that the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson, is due to have a baby – see here.

So here are some thoughts.

  • Who’s the father? Does anyone ask that question in these situations? Men, who used to have a direct role in every procreation, are now, very often, just some anonymous sperm donor.
  • Where’s the father? Children need fathers. By force of circumstances it sometimes does not happen, but to choose for there to be no father in the child’s upbringing is harmful for that child.
  • Are we all happy? Apparently we are all supposed to be; everyone was tweeting their joy and good wishes concerning her pregnancy. Alas, i have to confess my stomach turned for this all seems so wrong.
  • Do we know something is wrong? I think we do. In the march of progress, so-called, we have all been corralled into thinking this is a good thing. But I suggest in our hearts we know that it is unnatural. This is what the Bible says: Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error (Rom. 1:26-27).
  • Is it only private? No it is not. It affects the whole atmosphere in which we live. All the publicity encourages more and more to feel that this is normal.
  • We are venturing into a great social experiment of which there is very little revelation of the outcomes. What will be the impact on children, families in fact of everyone with this elasticizing of what constitutes a family?
  • What about the money? I don’t know who funded Ms. Davidson’s IVF, but the over-pressed health service is pouring significant resources into these treatments. And all because of peoples’ personal lifestyle choices.
  • Is my choice all that matters? “There should be no limitation on choices for women as a consequence of maternity” is how Ruth Davidson opines on the matter. So “my choice” trumps everything else it seems. Which all reminds me of teh time of the Judges in scripture when Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit (Judges 21:25). If you read Judges 17-21 you will see what a complete mess the nation of Israel were in as a result. Oh that we might submit to God’s choice for our lives.

Is Gay Sex A Sin?

Apparently last week Archbishop Justin Welby had difficulty giving a definitive view on this question. Here is one report on his encounter with Alistair Campbell. Here are three observations.

1)   The experience of Tim Farron, the former Liberal Democrat leader earlier in the year surely gives a salutary warning here. In equivocating and adopting a “ducking and weaving” approach to this question regarding gay sex, you always are set for a “lose, lose” outcome. Those of a morally liberal bent do not respect you because of your lack of conviction. Those with conservative biblical convictions despair because they can’t understand how you can equivocate on an issue where the bible is unequivocal.

2)   The Bible is very straight on this matter. Sex outside marriage is wrong whether that be sex with another person whilst married, sex before marriage, sex with a person of the same-sex or sex with animals. Any sex outside the marriage is wrong, damaging to human beings and, above all, an offence to God. Marriage should be honoured by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral (Heb. 13:4) seems pretty clear.

3)   In taking the line Justin Welby does, he does much service to Islam. There are many in the West who are despondent about the state of our society, with its moral chaos, infidelity and general moral madness. This is particularly the case with women. When they hear the Anglican church regurgitating such stuff like Mr Welby does here they feel that Christianity provides no solid moral framework. As a result they look elsewhere. They see Islam with all of its strictures as a safe place to go where they can seek moral purity. This is the reason why so many, particularly women in the West, turn to Islam.

So why do it Archbishop? You achieve nothing and you deny the faith you profess. Lives are harmed by your the lack of direction which you give. Please think about what you are doing.

Colonialism is Back

Colonialism is back! This colonialism is not in the form of the political subjugation, economic exploitation or military conquering of another country. Rather, it is back in the form of the imposition of ideological dogmas on other “inferior” countries. I use the word “inferior” deliberately to indicate how pride is at the heart of this process. Here is one article reflecting on this how this happens.

So what am I specifically referring to? The ongoing adoption of the LGBT agenda into law in this country is all assumed to be part of progress; in doing this it is assumed that we are moving to a higher level of civilization. That being the case it is assumed that all other nations will similarly ascend to a higher level of civilization if they follow the lead of the UK. David Cameron, the former Prime Minister whilst in office was determined to support same-sex marriage around the world. Here is a report of his speech on 2013.

I am not going to be a defender of the original colonial thrust back in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but I do want to say there is something that does not seem right here. It seems all based on a great delusion. The delusion focuses on how progress is understood. As we have moved on from where we were in to this great new age of “equality for all” it is assumed this is great progress.

I am left musing that there seems to be not some sniff of the impact of evolutionary dogma here. Inherent in evolutionary teaching is the thought that through natural selection and then survival of the fittest things are getting better. And the West being at the vanguard of the LGBT movement means that we must be ahead of those who have not yet become as enlightened as us.

The implicit agenda that prevails, particularly as regards to Africa, is that they need to be enlightened. “We must pass on our views to these poor benighted souls and they will be so much better” is the thinking undergirding this. Here is a fascinating interaction which shows Africa fighting back against this patronizing attitude and it is good to see.

This attitude of cultural superiority is discerned in the Western version of Anglicanism as they deal with the “lesser” version thereof in Africa. I make big generalizations of course, but the resistance of the African church to embrace the LGBT agenda is seen as indicative of their lack of progress. “Of course they are only lesser because they have not come as far of us” is the unstated inference.

In fact they are far more wise and advanced because they have cleaved to the Lord and His Word. We are always on the right side of history when we do that.

May we, as Christians in the West, stand with our brothers and sisters worldwide and not countenance this ideological imperialism.


Mrs May: Where it all Changed.

I am left wondering if it was in the Andrew Marr interview on 30th April where everything started to change for Mrs May. Up until taht date her position was unassailable. She was to all intents and purposes the queen awaiting her re-coronation. The June election was anticipated as a day of unmistakable triumph. And then she said this in the Andrew Marr interview (see here). Professing Christ she completely denied the truth that is in Jesus.

It just seemed from that point on things gradually changed. The wheels came off her campaign. There were the embarrassments surrounding the manifesto and finally the unexpected election results.  This all is quite interesting to me.

If you profess to know God, but deny that sin is truly sin you put yourself against the God you profess. A cautionary tale I feel.

Pollution Of Concepts.

Iniquity has been accepted by our culture and one of the ways that is demonstrated is through the way certain concepts are now spoken of. So we start to hear and read about “his husband” and “her wife”,  and as those terms start to get used regularly we can tend to get used to them and accept. But, wait-on everybody; this is an outrage! Marriage is between a man and a woman. So you can’t have “his husband” and “her wife”. Fellow believers in the Lord we need to be continually outraged about these developments and never accept them as the “norm”.

Another way in which the pollution of our culture is exhibited is in referring to a so-called trans-gendered man as a woman. We start to accept these things. James is now Julie and “he” is a “she”. But wait-on he is still a biological “he” no matter how much tampering has gone on with the genitalia.

Oh what a time we live in. And there is much pressure upon us to conform. Amidst these pressures there are no doubt many intricacies. But I feel, as much as lies within us, we should not bow to the prevailing culture, but rather should seek to honour the Lord by refusing to adopt these new ways of speaking.

Gay Sex and the Election

Perhaps we have already seen the low point of the 2017 election campaign. This interview with Tim Farron was surely something of a nadir. Why do I say it was a low point?:

  • It shows the moral deterioration of this country. If a politician, even twenty years ago, had said gay sex was not a sin, that would have wrecked his career. Now it is completely the reverse. Today if a politician says gay sex is a sin he is likely to be vilified. This is all emblematic of a change in our ethical culture. Historically, we had a culture formed around biblical values. Now we have a culture formed around secular values, The former led to stability, the latter inevitably leads to chaos. I fear for the future of our nation. 
  • A decent man, for that’s what Tim Farron seems to be, has been treated like a suspected criminal by the press. He has now been hounded, cornered and humiliated and all in the name of the new freedom. It is as if the press would not let him go until they had “shamed” him out of office or forced him to tow the secular line. So how do they feel now that they have battered him into submission? 
  • What does this really have to do with issues that people really care about? Not much, I suggest. But it is everything with regard to what the ruling elite care about. This is because they are set on demolishing the values connected to historic Christianity, which have been the bulwark of this country. It is interesting to observe how the new doctrines are continually pushed upon us. Sports programmes on radio, for example, so very easily have everybody towing the line by the way they raise sexuality issues. If anyone speaks against the new norm, astonishment and outrage ensue. To say that gender is fixed and homosexuality is  abnormal is now to be a heretic.
  • This all raises the question as to why Sadiq Khan, a man who professes Islam, was not hounded in the same way last year when he was campaigning for the London Mayor.
  • According to my reading of the Bible gay sex must be a sin. No matter what exegetical gymnastics you indulge in, it seems impossible to get away from this. So a public figure who professes Christianity has now said that gay sex is not a sin. All of which only confirms the secularists in their disdain for the rest of us who firmly believe it is a sin.
  • And then there is the by-issue here of faith being private. Again that is a glorious victory a for the anti-Christian activists who want to suffocate Christianity. And it is a blow for all those who have been accused of wrong doing through mentioning their faith at work.

Oh what a sad event this is.

Youngsters and Mental Illness.

There is a growing number of teenagers who are experiencing mental health problems. Here is one article on the matter. This may, to a degree, be because we are more aware of the issue now. It may also be because youngsters are more willing to talk about these things now. However, I want to present two key issues which are generating increased mental turmoil for youngsters:

1.  Seeking Identity.

In previous times we used to have to work out our identity within quite fixed boundaries. Our sex was defined, our sexuality was defined and our virginity was maintained until marriage. So children could grow up with that framework and find their identity therein. There were cases where this caused distress, but this was quite limited. Now all three of these are up for grabs. You have to decide when and with whom you will lose you virginity and you have to pick and choose about your sexuality and sex. It is moral mayhem and it is leaving many casualties in its wake.

2. Social Media.

The whole matter of mental trauma is intensified by the fact that youngsters are living their lives in an online culture. They are not even allowed to explore their identity in their own private space. Everything is now out there on social media and the exploration of identity is done in front of others. So all know whether or not I am having sex, and all know about my struggles in gender defining and sexual orientation.

No wonder our youngsters feel confused. As parents we need to respond wisely to all this. Obviously we create and implement a biblical frame for these things. And we need to help them handle social media. I don’t begin to be able to give definitive advice on the social media issue. But I do know that it is a whole lot easier when a biblical frame for sexuality and identity is in place.

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