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BBC, LGBT+ and Propaganda

The onslaught upon us to embrace the LGBT+ agenda as the new norm for our society continues apace during lockdown.  And the BBC seems very much in the vanguard of this as one of the agencies leading the assault upon our hearts and minds.

Some recent examples on the BBC website are here:

  • Here we have the Richardson-Walsh’s settling down to parenthood.
  • Here we have the continued suffering of LGBT+ people during lockdown. It is interesting in this article that there is just the one-sided presented of the parent-child conflict. No mention is made of what the parent might have gone through.

Should we be bothered by this? Should I as a Christian just say “c’est la vie, live-and-let-live”? I think there is a key “love your neighbour” principle here.

I want to be aware of sensitive  to the struggles some people have with gender dysphoria and same sex attraction which are real and we should have great compassion for. However, the fact remains that human beings thrive when they conform to God’s order. Genesis 1 establishes that we are designed to be male and female. Genesis 2 establishes that we are designed to be married as male and female to the exclusion of all others for life.

In the Old Testament Sodom is the epitome of a wrecked society and it is characterised by homosexual licentious acts. As also is the degenerate society present in the New Testament in Romans 1:21-32.  It never ends well for a society that celebrates LGBT+ pursuits. We should mourn when we observe the BBC propaganda.

But what is our response? It is NOT to pursue moral rectification and see all with homosexual and transgender activity eradicated so as to introduce a brave pure world. No, no, no. It is the gospel that is our response. The embrace of LGBT+ ideology reveals a society in breakdown, the bringing of the gospel into that society indicates a church which is wise and can bring hope. Cleaned up sinners are still sinners; let us never forget that. The gospel is the only message which is the power of God to salvation.

Oh let us rise to the challenge today and declare repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Pharisaical lectures and pompous do-gooding are not the answer. The gospel is.

The New Morality

This article from the BBC (here) about Catalan Dragons recruiting Israel Folau struck me for the entrenched dogma that it portrays. Any action which pushes against the new moral values will not be tolerated. The universality of the front presented by all connected with Rugby League to condemn this action of simply giving a man a right to earn a living, i find somewhat breathtaking.

For clarity in this specific context the new moral system categorically states that homosexual relationships are to be welcomed. For anyone to question the rectitude of a man and a man and a woman having sexual relations together is to be guilty of heresy.

David Robertson discusses here how the new totalitarianism is gaining ground. He specifically cites the banning of Franklin Graham from certain venues in the UK.

The BBC is seemingly now in the vanguard and making sure that the populace are indoctrinated with the new morality. Their website has this curious tendency to give “happy-ever-after” stories for all who have embraced homosexual and transgender lifestyles.

Perhaps one way of responding might be to all become Catalan Dragons supporters. I sent a message to them thanking them for their bravery in recruiting Israel Folau. So looking forward to a victory over Huddersfield tomorrow!

And let us pray for the likes of Israel Folau that he might be a man of grace and truth as he has the spotlight on him.


Globalization Is Westernization

It strikes me that the globalisation of the world is actually the westernisation of the world. It is not as if there is an exchange and interaction of cultural values so as we consensually adopt what is best. Rather, western values and being adopted all over the world. And this is not good news.

A part of the reason for this is that the main engines of international cooperation are all dominated by those who have adopted western values. The United Nations, Unesco, Unicef etc., are all vehicles for the spread of western propaganda.

Underlying all this is the  assumed message that “west is best”. So around the world you see generations growing up who aspire to a western lifestyle.

The historical background to this has two key roots:

Colonialism This has imbued many cultures and countries around the world with a tendency to defer to the West. They were taught that the white man knew best and his ways should be followed. Intellectually, cultures and countries may discern that this is not the case, but it is deep in the psyche.

Collapse of Communism. The events at the last 1980’s / early 1990’s have led to a triumphalist attitude in the West. After all, “we won” is the conclusion. Communism collapsed, the Berlin wall fell and the command economies of the former Soviet Bloc adopted capitalism. As a result there is a presumption that all the world should adopt all the values of the West’s culture.

Alas, this is resulting in the devastating spread of many pernicious dogmas and attitudes such as materialism, hedonism and consumerism. Moreover, LGBT+ dogma, is being propagated with increasing vehemence. for example. The countries that hold-out against the demands to embrace “the new way” are declared to be backward. And after all, no-one wants to be backward. The pressure is immense particularly when the granting of aid is predicated upon the adoption of Western values.

State-Sponsored Experiment

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), as one of its responsibilities, assesses what drugs are safe to release to the market. If NICE were responsible for the release of the LGBTQ+ agenda into the market of ideas they would be condemned with vehemence. I say this because there has been no consideration to the impact and consequences that the LGBTQ+ “drug” will have when consumed by a society en masse.

It is a scandal that the government in conspiration with academia and the media has unleashed on our society the full force of LGBTQ+ ideology. All of it is based on the assertion among the intelligentsia, opinion formers and decision makers of our land that we are free to choose our sexuality and gender. The persuasive power of it all is in the word “freedom”. The logic goes that if is based upon and leads to freedom then all must be well.

But where is the research? Where is the full consideration of the data? I am no sociologist or specialist in the history of ideas. However, it does not take any detailed research to conclude that the societies that have had longevity are those which have been based upon the promulgation of the ideas that sexual relations should be between a man and a woman and that we are to operate with our sex/gender as established at birth through our genitalia.

Here is one article picking up  how the state education system is being used to push forward the agenda. But does anyone know what this will mean for our society? The unprecedented levels of youngsters struggling with mental health issues should make us start to consider that “the project”, at the very least, has not been helpful.

It seems that we are at a pivotal time politically in this country with all the Brexit mayhem. However, I feel that that pales into insignificance when we view the long-term consequences of re-writing the values of our society.

The experiment is underway and, of course, woe betide you if speak against it. The long-term damage has not been considered. In spite of that it is all proclaimed to be the start of a brave new world.

Oh and of course don’t forget God has spoken about these issues. Genesis 19 tells us of the elimination of a society, Sodom and Gomorrah, that adopted this ideology. And Romans 1:18-32 would tell us that the adoption of such ways is indicative of a society under God’s judgement.

However, it is not all doom and gloom. the fruit of this experiment is guaranteed to be pernicious. And we will see more and more people seeking answers. And what opportunities there should be for evangelism as a result. Let’s keep speaking of a greater freedom and a more solid ideology. Let us preach and speak of Christ and Him crucified.

India (8)

I have heard it said that you have to go to somewhere like Italy to see Catholicism in the raw. Thereby, you will see the vileness of that system and how it is steeped in idolatry. To have been in India is to have seen the vileness of Hinduism.

The whole paraphernalia of the religion for the outsider is just crazy. The entities with their elephant trunk-like noses which preponderate as visual displays of the gods. The massive statues of the gods. The noise and the miserable chanting. All present a warped religion

It is shocking to observe how seemingly normal people embrace such nonsense and happily become devotees.

This leads me to ponder upon the idolatry in the West which is shockingly vile. The philosophical system which leads to the glorification and establishing of self-realisation beyond all other life principles has produced it’s own mad paraphernalia.

We have the emergence of such phrases as “his husband” and “her wife” in our vocabulary. We face a massive bill to de-sex all of our toilet facilities, Women’s only spaces are intruded upon by men presenting themselves as women with all the threat that that brings to vulnerable women. Women’s sport is also to be thrown into confusion by the intrusion of the aforementioned individuals. Surely, to any sober analysis this is all madness

Are these not the mad paraphernalia of our idolatrous worship of everyone being allowed to be what they want to be. Self-realisation is the main idol that people bow down to and worship in the West. Such an idol produces its own warped religious system.

In the West we might scorn the primitive religions that are found around the world with their bizarre regalia. But the West, in principle engages in the same stuff. In the end all philosophies and religions which do not acknowledge the true God as God tend in the direction of insanity. As has been said “when people stop believing in God they don’t start believing in nothing, but rather they believe in anything.”


Gay Pride

I happened to be in close proximity to the Gay Pride march in Oxford earlier in the month. Some things struck me.

How acceptable this all is.

I noticed a bank and business society displaying the rainbow insignia in their windows. To not be an adherent to the LGBT+ agenda is now seen as being out of touch. And if your business is not with the LGBT+ agenda then you are considered discriminatory and bigoted.

How normal this all is.

Looking at the people taking part it seemed that so many were just your average families with parents and kids. Yes there were those who were more “odd”, but the normality of the participants I saw struck me. It was as if you are not part of the in-crowd if you are not participating. How much has changed in twenty-five years; in fact probably ten years.

On 18th September 2003 s28 of the Local Government act 1988 which banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools was repealed. This seems like another age completely from where we are today. But that is only fifteen years ago.

How dangerous this all is.

The whole agenda of LGBT+ is a rejection of two fundamental creatorial principles as established in God’s Word. These are:

  • We are made male and female.
  • Sexual relationships are to be between one man and one woman in marriage.

Such principles are the bedrock of a society to function healthy. Moreover, the throwing aside of these standard leads me to ask what other standards will go next. I suggest the driving force in it all is that of establishing a consensus rather than maintaining established principles.

When  consensus drives the agenda we can end anywhere, You might be interested to hear what happened in Rwanda when consensus led to the slaughter of thousands. Listen about that here. In this programme Alan Little uses the eerie phrase “democratisation of evil”. Mmmmmmh makes me wonder about what is going on in our own society.

Asylum Take-Over.

The lunatics have done it; they have taken over the asylum. We live in a country where the moral compass that guides decision making in so many realms has gone askew. Where we used to see sanity and reasonableness now we see lunacy and moral chaos. It is all carried off as being part of the progressive development of society. But surely in the “cold light of day ” it is lunacy.

The image I am seeking to engage with is that of how asylums, which contain mentally deranged people, are kept in order by having the sane in charge. Having the mentally deranged take-over leads to may-hem

In western society the policy making and opinion influencing elite have, I suggest, been responsible by a massive slight of hand particularly in the realm of sexual and gender ethics. The destructive consequences of a homosexual lifestyle and the transgender transition have been airbrushed out of the debate. And to bring such issues up is immediately met with  homophobic or transphobic rebuffs.

So the asylum, which used to maintain a degree of sanity through being controlled by the sane and reasonable whose views were formed out of a moral framework formed by the Bible, is now controlled by those who approve of all that is destructive. Here is a documentary on the trans phenomenon and how we should respond to the architects of devastation in people’s lives.

Amid all this is the fact that a substantial number know that this is all nonsense, but the atmosphere is very hostile to us. We fear being branded in a certain way.

As Christians there is a danger that we become reformers of the asylum and not transformers. What I distinguish here is the danger of just seeking to make everything better by stopping the spread of certain ideology. That would just be reforming the status quo; it would be reforming what is already there. Instead we need to be transforming the asylum though the right teaching about the power of Jesus Christ.

So let us be convinced that the hope of our nation and our world is found in Jesus Christ alone. Let us long and pray for evangelists to be raised up and the gospel to go forwards

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