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Gay Pride

I happened to be in close proximity to the Gay Pride march in Oxford earlier in the month. Some things struck me.

How acceptable this all is.

I noticed a bank and business society displaying the rainbow insignia in their windows. To not be an adherent to the LGBT+ agenda is now seen as being out of touch. And if your business is not with the LGBT+ agenda then you are considered discriminatory and bigoted.

How normal this all is.

Looking at the people taking part it seemed that so many were just your average families with parents and kids. Yes there were those who were more “odd”, but the normality of the participants I saw struck me. It was as if you are not part of the in-crowd if you are not participating. How much has changed in twenty-five years; in fact probably ten years.

On 18th September 2003 s28 of the Local Government act 1988 which banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools was repealed. This seems like another age completely from where we are today. But that is only fifteen years ago.

How dangerous this all is.

The whole agenda of LGBT+ is a rejection of two fundamental creatorial principles as established in God’s Word. These are:

  • We are made male and female.
  • Sexual relationships are to be between one man and one woman in marriage.

Such principles are the bedrock of a society to function healthy. Moreover, the throwing aside of these standard leads me to ask what other standards will go next. I suggest the driving force in it all is that of establishing a consensus rather than maintaining established principles.

When  consensus drives the agenda we can end anywhere, You might be interested to hear what happened in Rwanda when consensus led to the slaughter of thousands. Listen about that here. In this programme Alan Little uses the eerie phrase “democratisation of evil”. Mmmmmmh makes me wonder about what is going on in our own society.

Asylum Take-Over.

The lunatics have done it; they have taken over the asylum. We live in a country where the moral compass that guides decision making in so many realms has gone askew. Where we used to see sanity and reasonableness now we see lunacy and moral chaos. It is all carried off as being part of the progressive development of society. But surely in the “cold light of day ” it is lunacy.

The image I am seeking to engage with is that of how asylums, which contain mentally deranged people, are kept in order by having the sane in charge. Having the mentally deranged take-over leads to may-hem

In western society the policy making and opinion influencing elite have, I suggest, been responsible by a massive slight of hand particularly in the realm of sexual and gender ethics. The destructive consequences of a homosexual lifestyle and the transgender transition have been airbrushed out of the debate. And to bring such issues up is immediately met with  homophobic or transphobic rebuffs.

So the asylum, which used to maintain a degree of sanity through being controlled by the sane and reasonable whose views were formed out of a moral framework formed by the Bible, is now controlled by those who approve of all that is destructive. Here is a documentary on the trans phenomenon and how we should respond to the architects of devastation in people’s lives.

Amid all this is the fact that a substantial number know that this is all nonsense, but the atmosphere is very hostile to us. We fear being branded in a certain way.

As Christians there is a danger that we become reformers of the asylum and not transformers. What I distinguish here is the danger of just seeking to make everything better by stopping the spread of certain ideology. That would just be reforming the status quo; it would be reforming what is already there. Instead we need to be transforming the asylum though the right teaching about the power of Jesus Christ.

So let us be convinced that the hope of our nation and our world is found in Jesus Christ alone. Let us long and pray for evangelists to be raised up and the gospel to go forwards

Transgender Issues

Here and here are two insightful articles concerning the moral, cultural and social mayhem unfolding before our eyes as the transgender bandwagon gains frightening momentum. Where will it lead? Read the articles and ponder and pray that then Lord might yet have mercy and turn this nation from self-inflicted disaster.

Two further observations:

  • It is interesting that this is taking place when our women’s national sports teams are celebrated in hockey, football, cricket and rugby. Better make the most of it while you can because the transgender movement will be the death-knell of women’s sport as we know it.
  • An area where most of us are going to feel this hit is how we call people. What shall we do? Shall we call people according to how God crested them or according to how they have self-defined? This needs some thought I feel.

Tube Announcements

Transport for London (TfL) yesterday announced that the announcements on the Underground will no longer be of the “Ladies and Gentlemen” form, but rather of the”everyone” form. The detail is here.

So let us think about all the people who would be happy with “Ladies and Gentlemen”:

  • Heterosexual men and women? No problem there.
  • Homosexual men and women. They seem still content to me known as ladies and gentlemen notwithstanding their sexual orientation.
  • Transgender  people. Well, a man who wants to be a woman would no doubt be happy to be called a woman (and vice versa).

This leaves an incredibly minute part of the population who through being intersex or coveting androgyny might prefer not to have “Ladies and Gentlemen”

So in the name of equality we have this change. All of which

  1. Is a further change in the atmosphere which lessens the true understanding of man and women in God’s sight. We need to remember that in Genesis 1: 27c we read  male and female he created them as God’s statement concerning the origin of mankind. The loss of “Ladies and Gentleman” is a further erosion of the established facts of God’s order.
  2. Means that further money well have to be spent to make sure instruction manuals, signs, announcements and whatever conform to this pursuit of “equality”. Interesting how money can always be found for these things. That is even when there are continual constraints on public sector expenditure.

Pollution Of Concepts.

Iniquity has been accepted by our culture and one of the ways that is demonstrated is through the way certain concepts are now spoken of. So we start to hear and read about “his husband” and “her wife”,  and as those terms start to get used regularly we can tend to get used to them and accept. But, wait-on everybody; this is an outrage! Marriage is between a man and a woman. So you can’t have “his husband” and “her wife”. Fellow believers in the Lord we need to be continually outraged about these developments and never accept them as the “norm”.

Another way in which the pollution of our culture is exhibited is in referring to a so-called trans-gendered man as a woman. We start to accept these things. James is now Julie and “he” is a “she”. But wait-on he is still a biological “he” no matter how much tampering has gone on with the genitalia.

Oh what a time we live in. And there is much pressure upon us to conform. Amidst these pressures there are no doubt many intricacies. But I feel, as much as lies within us, we should not bow to the prevailing culture, but rather should seek to honour the Lord by refusing to adopt these new ways of speaking.

Youngsters and Mental Illness.

There is a growing number of teenagers who are experiencing mental health problems. Here is one article on the matter. This may, to a degree, be because we are more aware of the issue now. It may also be because youngsters are more willing to talk about these things now. However, I want to present two key issues which are generating increased mental turmoil for youngsters:

1.  Seeking Identity.

In previous times we used to have to work out our identity within quite fixed boundaries. Our sex was defined, our sexuality was defined and our virginity was maintained until marriage. So children could grow up with that framework and find their identity therein. There were cases where this caused distress, but this was quite limited. Now all three of these are up for grabs. You have to decide when and with whom you will lose you virginity and you have to pick and choose about your sexuality and sex. It is moral mayhem and it is leaving many casualties in its wake.

2. Social Media.

The whole matter of mental trauma is intensified by the fact that youngsters are living their lives in an online culture. They are not even allowed to explore their identity in their own private space. Everything is now out there on social media and the exploration of identity is done in front of others. So all know whether or not I am having sex, and all know about my struggles in gender defining and sexual orientation.

No wonder our youngsters feel confused. As parents we need to respond wisely to all this. Obviously we create and implement a biblical frame for these things. And we need to help them handle social media. I don’t begin to be able to give definitive advice on the social media issue. But I do know that it is a whole lot easier when a biblical frame for sexuality and identity is in place.

End of Women’s Sport.

As we advance to the supposed nirvana whereby everybody can choose their own gender regardless of the biological facts which contradict such a choice, I want to flag up an unintended consequence that seems to have had little consideration. It is that this essentially means the end of women’s sport.

The push is on for all males who feel themselves to be female to be classified as female. And so, in a sporting context, those who are biologically female are immediately at a disadvantage. It is a fact of creation that the male body is stronger, faster and has more strength than that of the female body. I know there are exceptions to this, but this is generally the case.

What will eventuate then is that “men’s sport” will be men against men because women identifying as men will not have the same capabilities as men. Accordingly, they will be effectively excluded from competition. Then you will have “women’s sport” which will be men who are defined as women competing against other men defined as women because all true women will not have the capabilities of the supposed women who are actually men. I trust you were able to follow that. It is a mess isn’t it.

So good job Jessica Ennis-Hill got a damehood in the recent New Years honours list. She may be the last woman, who is truly a woman, to ascend to such heights.

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