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Sorry to bring up something of a delicate subject, but it struck me that we may be close to seeing the demise of the urinal. This is because the transgender aspect to the LGBT agenda will percolate society to such a degree that all our toilets will have to be desexualized , asexualized or adrongynized (which ever term you prefer).

This all stems from the outworking of people being free to choose which toilets they occupy according to what they feel their gender to be. See here for one article on this. The only way to make that safe and acceptable in the brave new transgendered world is to have all toilets for male and female.

This means that we will only have individualistic loos to go into to attend to our needs. Accordingly, urinals will become a relic of history. So fellow males of the species perhaps note this anticipated development with soberness when you next have to relieve yourself.

And by the way this will cost an awful lot of money. No doubt in due course a diktat will arrive from “on high” that all public buildings (including churches) will have to conform. Just think how all that money could have been better spent. But the new groupthink will impose its will on all, regardless of the cost.

Tom Daley Fever

Well it is the men’s 10m platform competition in the diving at the Olympics starting today, so prepare yourself for another bout of Tom Daley Fever. What is it that seems to send the media circus into something of a swoon when it comes to Tom Daley?

He won the bronze in the 10m synchronized platform competition on 9th August with Dan Goodfellow. Whereupon certain parts of the press just produced photos of Mr Daley on his own as commented upon here. And remember he had not won! He had only finished third and yet it seemed that we were all being cajoled into believing this was a magnificent achievement. Well, of course it must be because Tom Daley did it. If he belly-flopped into the pool I reckon it would be portrayed as a triumph for British ingenuity.

So why is it that he is treated as such a hero? I reckon it is the longing to find role-models for the brave new world where everything has changed and is changing in respect of sexuality and gender. This is where Tom fits the bill. The news has it that Tom is due to be marrying his fiance Dustin Lance Black after the Olympics. And in so many ways it seems that Tom is your perfect role model to persuade us that such activity is normal. After all he:

  1. is young
  2. is good-looking
  3. is photogenic
  4. is courteous
  5. has a residual prominence as a result of starting his career so young
  6. is successful; having reached teh upper echelons of his chosen profession
  7. has suffered and overcome tragedy with the loss of his father
  8. has a mother who approves of his relationship.
  9. gives the impression that everything is great as regards to him being with Dustin

And so he is lauded and fawned upon. So there it is Tom is the hero to be emulated. Tom may be a fine man, his achievements are significant and I do not want to underestimate the suffering he had with the loss of his father. However, there is something distasteful about all this. I fear he is being used by the media to persuade us that all is well in this brave new world. Alas I believe it is all a lie and the harvest from overturning God’s order will be grievous to behold in our society.

Gender Issues and Logic

Here is an interesting expose of the thinking enmeshed in the shifting thinking (or lack of it) on gender issues. This follows on from my posts of last week on transgender issues.In these posts I have been seeking to work through what the rapidly changing cultural atmosephere on transgender issues means for us. I suppose I am still pondering.


Why So Much Stress For Our Youngsters?

I grew up in an atmosphere where:-

  • You were either male or female.
  • You were heterosexual.
  • You did not have sex before marriage.

The last of these valuable moral bastions was starting to collapse, but overwhelmingly this was the atmosphere. All this meant freedom, because your identity was formed through puberty and adolescence in a way which aligned with God’s creational order. This was how we were meant to be.

Now our youngsters are going through adolescence with those bastions largely destroyed. So the atmosphere now is:-

  • You choose your gender.
  • You choose your sexuality.
  • You decide when and who and how you use your body sexually.

And this leads to massive stress. The world would say that it is freedom to be able to make these choices. However, it creates all kinds of stress upon youngsters and upon adults for that matter to have to work through the voyage of establishing your identity.

The former situation is actually more freeing. This is because much pain in the voyage to maturity is avoided and each person naturally moves to a position which accords with that which is according to nature.

Talking Sense About Transgender.

Here is some sense talked about the transgender issue. I found it somewhat refreshing to read this and get some sensible insights on this whole issue.

Repentance and the Paris Attacks

U.S Secretary of State, John Kerry said that it is “a battle between civilization itself and barbarism”. And other leaders have said similar things in the wake of the atrocities in Paris on 13th November. Collectively the West, whether through its politicians or its media, has presented a front of defiance in the wake of the grotesque acts.

This response is fully understandable and in many ways shows an admirable desire not to be intimidated by acts which are plainly evil. However, one note which has not been struck at all, is that of repentance. I don’t think I have heard this from any religious leaders either. No one has deemed it fitting to publicly say that we in the Western world need to consider our ways.

Lets us consider the ways which predominate in our culture:

  • God and His Son, are increasing airbrushed from our consciousness. Here is an article about one recent example of how there was no mention of Christianity in Downton Abbey.
  • The Word of God is ignored in forming our legislation.
  • The law of God is defied in our re-defining of morals. Issues of abortion, same-sex marriage and transgenderism would be example here.
  • Those who hold to biblical values are increasingly marginalised and even intimidated.
  • Anyone who dares to say that Jesus is the sole Saviour and only way to God open themselves up to opprobrium.

We conclude that God cannot be pleased with these developments, and failure to go in God’s ways always sets on a road to falling under His judgement. Furthermore it is in line with biblical revelation that God used evil entities to bring judgement. The book of Habakkuk dwells upon this theme for example.

So might it not be wise to ponder upon whether there is a message from God in the paris atrocities; a message to our society saying “consider your ways”. And as we do so we need to be led to repent; to turn back to God. Alas we are not hearing anything of that, and I fear that if there is no repentance then we are only storing up more trouble for ourselves.



Transgender Abuse.

Here is a piece which helpfully shows the perniciousness of transgender thinking in our society.

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