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Church Newsletter

Here is our church newsletter for January 2020. It contains an article on the impact of fellowship.

Some Pieces Of Gold

I have written about the hymn “Count your many blessings” here. Yesterday, I had several blessings to count, each one portraying the observable workings of the Lord. Here are eight pieces of gold I want to treasure:

  • A sister delighting in how, after many years; many wild and rebellious years, a lady (the daughter of a friend) in her thirties had, the previous day, confessed Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.
  • A sister, who had kept in touch with a younger sister in the Lord after she had long-moved on from Feltham, was being used to counsel the younger sister through some hard times.
  • A younger sister, was rejoicing in how she had been rebuked by a brother in the church concerning an issue. Yes, she was rejoining and thankful. Rejoicing because the man had loved her enough to want to speak to her about the issue.
  • A group of sisters getting together to study the Word.
  • A lady who had never been to a prayer meeting attending the morning prayer meeting
  • A younger brother from church spent the day involved in an apologetic ministry in central London
  • I faced a situation with calmness and peace. This was something to treasure because it was a situation I had previously felt prone to go into with anger and frustration. The Lord does answer prayer.
  • I received a sweet email telling me how i had misunderstood a matter. It was presented in such a gracious and encouraging way. A model for good email communication.

And I am led to praise the Lord and consider that the Lord is alive and working. And so i give Him all the praise. I want to pick up each piece of gold and treasure it and admire the Lord’s working in each.

Church Newsletter

Here is our church newsletter for December 2019. It contains an article on the love of God.

FIEC Leaders Conference

I attended the FIEC Leaders Conference at Torquay last week; 11th to 13th November. Here are some thoughts:

  • Probably the best conference of this ilk that I have been to.
  • Venue is very good. Added bonus of having swimming available which I availed myself of on each of the three days.
  • Music was very good; led by Colin Webster and Phil Moore. The group gave every impression that they were worshippers themselves; rather than just being leaders in worship.
  • I had the happy providence of sitting next to Colin Smith (one of the main speakers) and his wife, at the first session. He was so very warm and humble. Humility is a much undervalued grace. I have written about that here.
  • The preaching from Colin Smith, John Stevens and Andy Prime was all high quality with much encouragement and edification in the four sessions they did between them.
  • Colin Smith opening up the issue of prophet, priest and king as the motifs for shepherd leadership was really great.
  • Ray Evans did a session on leadership stuff which was filled with much gold. Surely, he is a great gift to the church with the thinking he has distilled and practised on the issue of leadership. Get listening to him or reading his books if you want to be helped into godly church leadership.
  • A seminar on Emotional Intelligence by Tom Fenning was very helpful. Similarly, Liam Garvie from Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh speaking small groups was a great help.
  • Many great conversations with different ones. Thankful to the ones who were happy to stop and talk. Good conversations over the meals as well.
  • At lunch on the last day I became aware that Paul Whalley (see here) who I was at school with, was there. Sorry I was not able to chat with him some more.
  • Often I find these type of events pretty intimidating. I say this because you seem to be surrounded by so many people doing impressive things for the kingdom. I found it less intimidating this time I feel.
  • Trevor Archer, the London Director, gave me some time to catch up with and assess my situation at Feltham which was helpful.
  • Adrian Reynolds did most of the introducing. I think I prefer it when different ones of the main FIEC hierarchy do the leading. Although Adrian is pretty slick at doing it.
  • The interview on the Tuesday evening when Andy Paterson interviewed Mark Dever did not really work. Both are great men, but it did not seem to flow or gel. Would have been better use of the time to have had either of them preaching. Interviews can be great and really helpful, but this one was not so (although there were snippets of great value).
  • The main conference ended in a bit of a confusing way because post conference seminars were scheduled, but not mentioned at the end by Adrian, So rather than being left with a great sense of what had been preached¬† by Andy Prime, I was left wondering what was going to happen next.
  • So great to see so many under forties there; encouraging for the future and vitality of the church in the UK. The fact that there were around 950 there was pretty amazing as well.

Church Newsletter

Here is our church newsletter for November 2019. It has an article on the importance of unity in the church.

Fifteen Years Today

At about 8.40 on the evening of 15th October 2004 I was recognised as Pastor of Feltham Evangelical Church. Fifteen years have passed during which I have been:

  • loved
  • hated
  • told that I was the cause of someone’s death.
  • told that I had helped someone find life in Christ.
  • able to preach approximately a thousand messages
  • able to lead about five hundred Bible studies.
  • challenged to a fight.
  • stingy and hard-hearted in not giving to someone.
  • able to help strengthen some marriages.
  • a failure in helping other marriages.
  • able to undertake some baptisms.
  • responsible for leading several funerals (some joyful and some sad)
  • able to see people want to receive God’s Word.
  • the witness of those who have hardened their heart against God and His Word.
  • told I am the only person in the church they don’t get on with.
  • able to share great fellowship in the Word of the Lord and work of the Lord.
  • witness to church members disgracing the Name of Christ
  • a delighted onlooker as I have seen church members bear hardship with the joy of Christ.
  • encouraged to see the Word being studied in the homes and among the people of the church.
  • devastated to see youngsters walk away into destructive lifestyles.
  • let down by many people.
  • a let-down to many people.
  • supported by a great wife and family.
  • prayed for by many saints.
  • the recipient of anonymous letters.
  • sad witness to see people make bad decisions.
  • at services where people have boycotted because I was the preacher.
  • through periods of depression; one of which was very severe.
  • blessed by the provision of solid and supportive elders.
  • saddened by squabbling church members.
  • made joyful to see suffering saints get to church.
  • encouraged by our increasing missionary interest.
  • encouraged by our greater drive to evangelism.
  • told that someone has learnt so much through my preaching.
  • told that some just don’t get with my preaching.
  • made joyful in Christ by the Holy Spirit.
  • in the presence of God.
  • informed that I should not be pastor of the church.
  • frustrated as I have wanted to help people, but they have not wanted it.
  • saddened to see people want the world more than Christ.
  • gratified by the generosity of God’s people.
  • completely unable to help some people even when I so wanted to.
  • lacklustre in my devotion to Christ.
  • encouraged by many faithful servants of the Lord.
  • situated in a spiritual war-zone which has at times been intense.
  • deprived of sleep
  • granted sleep.
  • a receiver of wonderful hospitality.
  • a struggler with sin and idolatry (Arsenal Football Club in particular).
  • blessed to be able to study the Word of the Lord for a living.
  • delighted to see saints praying together.
  • frustrated when people just wanted it their way.
  • frustrated when I have just wanted it my way.
  • able to visit Ethiopia and India and see the Lord’s servants and His work.
  • glad to welcome people into membership.
  • sad to see people leave membership.
  • guilty of making bad decisions.
  • prayed for by my church
  • misunderstood.
  • guilty of poor communication.
  • endeavouring to shepherd the flock of God given to our care.
  • in despair to see people choose false teaching, rather than the way of Christ.
  • joyed to see people making steady progress in the Lord.
  • supported and provided for by the Lord and his people.
  • helped for several years by able PA / Administrator.
  • seeking to be faithful to God’s Word.
  • guilty of not preparing my messages and studies well enough
  • honoured too easily by some people.
  • despised by some people.
  • kept by a faithful God.
  • secure in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.
  • sealed by the Holy Spirit.
  • anticipating the great day when I will be taken home to glory.
  • a sinner saved by rich and full grace; God’s grace.

We’ll praise Him for all that is past and trust Him for all that’s to come.¬†J. Hart

Church Newsletter

Here is the Feltham Evangelical Church Newsletter for September 2019. It contains on article on Pharaoh’s heart.

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