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Church Newsletter

Here is our church newsletter for January 2021 for you to have a read. Please pray for us here in Feltham as we seek to move forward for our God.

Our Christmas

At Feltham Evangelical Church we have shared many blessings this Christmas season. Here are three:

  • A montage of O Little Town of Bethlehem featuring those connected with the church is here
  • A rendering of Infant Holy by Gabby Claude and Laura Henderson is here
  • Our online Christmas Service is here.

Church Newsletter

Here is our church newsletter for December 2020. It includes an article on “The Reason He Came.”

Church Newsletter

Here is our church newsletter for October 2020. It contains an article on how David responded to the threat of Saul

Church Newsletter

Here is our church newsletter for September 2020. It has an article on “Go Love Again.”

She Had Tears In Her Eyes (2)

Yes she did; she really did.

It was a Sunday morning and I suddenly realised that she was upset about something; I did not know what it was. And then she started to reveal what it was. It was concerning the prayer meeting of the previous evening.  At nine o’clock on a Saturday evening we have a prayer meeting on Zoom to seek the Lord for the following day’s activities and services. The previous evening there had been three of us gathered. And she was so grieved. She was so grieved that so few would deem it important to gather to cry out for His blessing on the Lord’s Day. She was so grieved about how offended her Lord Jesus would be by the fewness in number of those who give themselves to prayer.

I must say I was somewhat stunned. I had not seen it before. I perhaps have gotten used to the lack of desire that there seems to be to gather to pray. To get consumed by it would kill me and I have to press on to enjoy the appointed times together. And truly there are so many ways that the prayer times at Feltham Evangelical Church are enjoyable and encouraging. But there she was grief stricken about the situation.

It also left me mightily encouraged. Not encouraged to know of her pain, but encouraged to know of the heart behind the pain. She longed for the honour of her Lord and for people to come together to pray. I felt she was entering into the mind and passion of her God. And I am led to be thankful.

I am led to ponder here upon the meaning of Luke 18:1 And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart. And so it should be with our churches that we should always pray and not lose heart. But we do lose heart. Satan knows that the prayer meetings are the places where he is confronted in brutal combat. When the church vacates the prayer meetings then Satan advances to quench the power of the church and thwart the progress of the church.

I have seen it too much. Weeks of prayer, for example, can be brutal. I have heard all kinds of reasons (are they really excuses???) as to why people cannot and will not come together to pray. Now we have Zoom and we do not even have to leave home for some of our prayer times and yet there is still the struggle.

May we rise up with a desire to cry out to the Lord together. Who knows what the Lord will do when we do.

Church Newsletter

Here is our church newsletter for July 2020. It contains an article on how we should interact with each other and listen to each other.

Church Newsletter

Here is our church newsletter for June 2020. It contains an article on how we are responding to our present coronavirus affected church situation.

A Day To Fast And Pray


A Call To Fast & Pray
Friday 8th May

We seek to be together in praying and fasting for ourselves, our churches, our nation and the world at this time. We have set the bank holiday Friday 8th as a day to do this.

The basic longing is to see change among the people of God unto godliness and change in the world (our locality, our nation and beyond) unto salvation.
Here are the details:


This provides a guide to directing our intercession and thanksgiving, but is quite flexible.
6.00am to 8.30am Praying for the church (including local churches)
8.30 am to 11.00am Praying for our Government.
11.00am to 1.30am Praying for our Nation
1.30pm to 4.00pm Praying for our church (the people).
4.00pm to 6.30pm Praying for our church (the ministry) and our town
6.30pm to 9.00pm Combine all the other


We plan to have prayer times together online through Zoom during the day. Join with one of these or more or all of them during the day. There are several of them so that you can join in at a time / times which are convenient for you. This is meant to create opportunities to join in and not to be a burden. It is flexible, but NOT compulsory. But this is a great time to really put ourselves out to seek the Lord. A day to be together and to be for the LORD. The times are due to be as follows:

6.00am to 6.30am
8.15am to 8.45am
10.45am to 11.15am
1.15pm to 1.45pm
3.45pm to 4.15pm
6.15pm to 6.45pm
8.30pm to 9.00pm
Otherwise everyone to be praying at home individually or as families. Or you may want to join to have a time online with one or two other persons during the day.


The call to fast comes to underline our commitment to seeking the Lord and desiring His glorious purposes to be outworked. We are stating that we desire Him and His way more than our necessary food. So join in to fast by missing one or more meals.
We expect great things from God and so we attempt great things for God and we start with God in prayer and fasting.

So let us seek the Lord.

From Feltham To Feltham

Here, here, here, here, here and here are six videos I have produced for our local area.

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