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Confusing Times

We live in confusing times. The two most powerful men on the planet, namely Presidents Trump and Putin are maligned by the liberal western media relentlessly. In many ways there is much to malign them for. President Trump seems to have a prevailing spirit of arrogance about him which unpleasantly, mixes in with moral indiscretions in his private life. Whilst President Putin does seem to display megalomaniacal tendencies where any means are acceptable just so long as Russian power increases.

And yet both seem to have a sound moral compass in many ways. So for a couple of examples:

  • Here we have President Trump giving testimony to God’s great salvation workings.
  • Here is president Putin saying something immensely sensible about a wholesome upbringing.

I know through being in Ethiopia that Christians are glad that President Obama has gone and President Trump has replaced him. The fact that under President Obama economic support was promised at the end of the gun of moral conformity. So to get the aid there had to be a move towards embracing the LGBT agenda.

It’s all confusing. I think one thing for sure is that the power of the media cannot be underestimated. They have an agenda; and that agenda is focussed on a destruction of Judeo-Christian moral values. I know I make a vast generlization, but that would be my observation.

An Ever Reliable Lord.

In Micah 7:1-6 we see portrayed a society which is in collapse. It is headlined with the exclamation “What misery is mine!” (Mic. 7:v1a). We are then told of crop failure (1b), disappearance of the godly (v2a), brutality (v2b), corruption (v3), a land filled with useless people (v4a), a people set for judgement (v4b), relationships (even the closest) filled with conflict and deceit (vv5-6).

Into such a situation Micah emerges with a great affirmation of his trust in the Lord. He says: But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Saviour; my God will hear me. (Mic. 7:7). What a word this is!  A word to tell of light in darkness and rescue from a disintegrating world. He tells of a personal relationship with a God who is his Saviour. How remarkable it is that he can have hope in such a mad situation. And, oh to seize the promise that we have a God, who is Micah’s God and that God will hear us.

We live in the West which, with its feelings based culture, is increasingly developing characteristics of Micah 7:1-6. So what a joy to know that there is Micah 7:7 to hang on to and a God who never fails.


The End Of The World.

I heard Tope Koleoso say, in the context of church leadership some years ago, that “very few things are the end of the world.” As someone who very easily panics and has panicked when things have gone in a certain direction in the church, this was a reassuring statement.

I, therefore, seek to remember this maxim, when things happen in the life of the church which I perceive to be undesirable. Such happenings can be greeted with thoughts that a bad precedent has been set, or this will lead to conflict, or this will unnecessarily upset certain people or this will cost a lot of money to put right or ….. In it all I have sought to remember that “very few things are the end of the world”.

So when others are encouraging panic or quick reactions or generally getting stressed out about something I have sought to continue to get the “very few things are the end of the world” perspective. Moreover, when considering things calmly if decisions have been made which prove to be wrong, they can very often be changed.

And in all this we must remember that our Lord is the sovereign Lord. And He is in charge of all things. So have faith in God Philip


Paul writes to the Philippians and speaks to them about believing and suffering. He says For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for him, (Phil 1:29)How do we respond to that scripture? We might say that believing is wonderful, but we’re not so sure about the suffering? We are so happy that the Lord grants us to believe, but are not so comfortable with being granted to suffer.

As we come to ponder upon this we note that it is not suffering because of being awkward or odd. Rather it is suffering for His sake. So when we take a stand for the gospel, and when we seek to honour Jesus Christ, then we can expect suffering.

Moreover, there is an inherent connection between exercising faith and suffering. We suffer because by faith we have entered another world. That heavenly world has different values. Accordingly this world does not like us standing in Christ (and with Christ) and so we suffer. We are in this present evil age, which is under the sway of the evil one, and this world is set against the beautiful ways of Jesus Christ. So as we affiliate with Jesus Christ by faith, we can expect the onslaughts of the evil realm. Faith brings suffering.

How is it then as regards to my situation and my experience of suffering? Our Lord says: Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you, for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets (Luke 6:26). A Christ-less life will be a comfortable life. A faithless life will be a comfortable life. But both end in death. Oh, for Christ, oh, for faith and when those are present with all the glorious things we possess thereby we will surely be happy to suffer with Him, in Him, and for Him.

A Life for God

Here is an interview with Margaret Lee. She is a member of Feltham Evangelical Church. It gives insight into the Lord’s dealing with her over many years including during revival times in East Africa

Bad News.

They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord (Ps 112:7). Now that is a big scripture! Why is it so big? It is so big because it taps into the very heart of our lives. Although, we are not always aware of it, or conscious of it, there is a residual fear in our lives of bad news. We wonder what will happen if an illness is diagnosed, the authorities come against us, a child suffers misfortune, a loved one passes away. There are a multitude of bad news outcomes that can come into our lives and cause us distress, alarm, concern and despair. 

But the Psalmist speaks here of those who have no fear of bad news. They have set themselves upon God to such a degree, they are strong in faith trusting in the Lord, that no bad news is going to rattle them. At the heart of all this is an awareness of who the Lord is. There is an awareness that He is good and that he is sovereign. The trusting one knows this God as a caring Father who is always working everything for the good of his children.

Not not only is He good, but He also has all power so that He controls all. Accordingly the true believer knows that nothing will be outside of His determining hand.

Moreover there is an awareness of the great truth of 1 Corinthians 10:13 that No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it. However bad the news, there is always a way through for those who are of faith and trusting in the Lord.

Oh this is all so major.

Only One Blessing.

Genesis 27 shows us how the blessing of God passed from Isaac to the next generation. Isaac had only one blessing to give and he had two sons he could give it to. However, his heart was set on giving it to Esau. Rebekah, his wife, had other ideas; she wanted Jacob to be the recipient. But neither Jacob nor Rebekah could decide upon where the blessing would go; that was in the control of Isaac. And old Isaac had decided that upon the receipt of some fine fresh stew from Esau he would bestow the blessing. 

Rebekah had to act fast and she did so. She got the necessary stew together and got Jacob in the right garb. Her plan was to pass Jacob off as Esau and thus secure the blessing for her favoured son. Jacob went ahead and he was found “in Esau” in order to get the blessing. All this can be read about in Genesis 27.

Jacob at one point challenged his mother about a curse possibly arising from this trickery. Somewhat outrageously she said to him, ‘My son, let the curse fall on me. Just do what I say; go and get them for me.’ (Gen 27:13). Rebekah was so determined that Jacob would get the blessing she was even prepared to risk being under a curse to get her way.

This in many ways is a synopsis of the whole of human history. There is one Father, God, with two sons Adam and Christ. The Father who has the sole blessing in His control has decided that the blessing is with Christ and Him alone. So the question arises what lengths will we go to, to make sure that we are in Christ in order to get the blessing? I am not saying that we emulate Rebekah with here trickery and deceit; certainly not. But I am saying that we should emulate her in her determination

Further, Rebekah did so much to ensure that Jacob was found “in Esau” to get the blessing. How much will we do to makes sure others are found in Christ. 

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