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Confusing Times

We live in confusing times. The two most powerful men on the planet, namely Presidents Trump and Putin are maligned by the liberal western media relentlessly. In many ways there is much to malign them for. President Trump seems to have a prevailing spirit of arrogance about him which unpleasantly, mixes in with moral indiscretions in his private life. Whilst President Putin does seem to display megalomaniacal tendencies where any means are acceptable just so long as Russian power increases.

And yet both seem to have a sound moral compass in many ways. So for a couple of examples:

  • Here we have President Trump giving testimony to God’s great salvation workings.
  • Here is president Putin saying something immensely sensible about a wholesome upbringing.

I know through being in Ethiopia that Christians are glad that President Obama has gone and President Trump has replaced him. The fact that under President Obama economic support was promised at the end of the gun of moral conformity. So to get the aid there had to be a move towards embracing the LGBT agenda.

It’s all confusing. I think one thing for sure is that the power of the media cannot be underestimated. They have an agenda; and that agenda is focussed on a destruction of Judeo-Christian moral values. I know I make a vast generlization, but that would be my observation.

Devaluing The Office.

One of my concerns concerning the presidency of Donald Trump is that of devaluing the office of President of the United States of America. His continual stream of tweets seems emblematic of general conduct which is not fitting of someone who holds such an august position. It seems as though he concluded he got himself into office through his tweets so he will go on in office in the same manner. Yet I am left feeling that dealing with the matters of state deserves more decorum than is inculcated by the tweet culture.

Moreover, the way he refers to people at times just does not seem to have the appropriate courtesy. You can disagree with people vehemently, but that does not mean that you use terms of disdain. Here is one former adviser written-off in a derisory fashion.

It seems that he is just treating the office of President like he would that of a CEO in his organisation. Recruit and hire those who will build the organisation, and if they no longer work for the benefit of the organisation then fire them and besmirch their reputation. It just seems so tacky.

And how can you reasonably conduct the issues of possible nuclear conflict by just referring to the leader of the other nation, namely Kin Jung Un, as “rocket man” and proudly declare that “my nuclear button is bigger than yours?”

This all reminds me of how we are called to be careful of upholding the honour of any office we hold. If you are an elder of a church, for example, your conduct should be becoming of that office. Otherwise it is demeaning of the calling.

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