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Feelings Always Win?!

I want to run to you a hypothetical scenario.

So there this man Rodney; he was brought up in a reasonably “normal” English home. His parents divorced when he was six and he was therefore mainly brought up by his Mum, But otherwise it was a steady background. Now, though, he is 25 and is in Iraq fighting with Islamic State. His journey to this position was full of mental turmoil and emotional struggles. His views on life started to change when he was nineteen. He became disenchanted with the decadence of ‘The West’. Then he started to watch propaganda videos online from Islamic idealists. He started frequenting chatrooms online. Through all this he was going through much anguish as he feared upsetting his family. He feared the reaction from his friends as he moved into the extremist version of Islam. He finally came out into the open after much heart-searching. And now he is fighting and killing in Iraq in the name of Allah.

If you have bought into the prevailing ethos in The West that feelings trump everything, then you are obligated to accept that this is a perfectly reasonable outcome for Rodney. He has been through so much, you see, to get to being an Islamic fighter and so it would be totally wrong of you to say anything against Rodney’s position.

Which all leads me to say that the next time you hear someone arguing a moral point on the basis of feelings, be concerned. Just because someone went through a lot of turmoil to get to a certain position it does not mean that they got to the right position.

Asylum Take-Over.

The lunatics have done it; they have taken over the asylum. We live in a country where the moral compass that guides decision making in so many realms has gone askew. Where we used to see sanity and reasonableness now we see lunacy and moral chaos. It is all carried off as being part of the progressive development of society. But surely in the “cold light of day ” it is lunacy.

The image I am seeking to engage with is that of how asylums, which contain mentally deranged people, are kept in order by having the sane in charge. Having the mentally deranged take-over leads to may-hem

In western society the policy making and opinion influencing elite have, I suggest, been responsible by a massive slight of hand particularly in the realm of sexual and gender ethics. The destructive consequences of a homosexual lifestyle and the transgender transition have been airbrushed out of the debate. And to bring such issues up is immediately met with  homophobic or transphobic rebuffs.

So the asylum, which used to maintain a degree of sanity through being controlled by the sane and reasonable whose views were formed out of a moral framework formed by the Bible, is now controlled by those who approve of all that is destructive. Here is a documentary on the trans phenomenon and how we should respond to the architects of devastation in people’s lives.

Amid all this is the fact that a substantial number know that this is all nonsense, but the atmosphere is very hostile to us. We fear being branded in a certain way.

As Christians there is a danger that we become reformers of the asylum and not transformers. What I distinguish here is the danger of just seeking to make everything better by stopping the spread of certain ideology. That would just be reforming the status quo; it would be reforming what is already there. Instead we need to be transforming the asylum though the right teaching about the power of Jesus Christ.

So let us be convinced that the hope of our nation and our world is found in Jesus Christ alone. Let us long and pray for evangelists to be raised up and the gospel to go forwards

Humanistic Utopia.

The aspiration of humanism that morality can be constructed independent of religion is a lie. Such a perspective is based on a high view of the moral capacity of mankind. The assertion is that people are inherently good. Accordingly, if we get conditions to be as advantageous as possible so there are no external factors to destabilise people and their relationships, then all will end happily ever after. The kicking over of Christianity in the West has been seen as a means of releasing human beings from a straight-jacket which has stifled their development. With Christianity gone we can be free to fully develop is the thinking.

Alas the endpoint of this thinking is not found in a utopia, but rather in a dystopia. The heart of the matter is the evaluation of the condition of mankind. The humanist approach denies the reality of original sin and thereby gives an all too optimistic prognosis of mankind. The reality is though that Paul give the correct diagnosis of mankind in Romans 3:9-18

What shall we conclude then? Do we have any advantage? Not at all! For we have already made the charge that Jews and Gentiles alike are all under the power of sin. As it is written:

‘There is no one righteous, not even one;
    there is no one who understands;
    there is no one who seeks God.
All have turned away,
    they have together become worthless;
there is no one who does good,
    not even one.’
‘Their throats are open graves;
    their tongues practise deceit.
‘The poison of vipers is on their lips.
    ‘Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness.
‘Their feet are swift to shed blood;
    ruin and misery mark their ways,
and the way of peace they do not know.
    ‘There is no fear of God before their eyes.

Like as when an untended fire is left to is own devices so with mankind. A fire spreads to leave decimated landscape in its wake. So with sin; it also spreads to leave the decimation of humanity in its wake.

Where we would agree with the humanist though, is in saying that the answer is not in a moralistic religious crusade. A determination to uphold morals in society may make for a cleaner moral atmosphere, it does not however, deal with the root cause of mankind’s problems; namely sin. Rather it is the provision of a Saviour who deals with our sins and rescues us from them taht we need. Jesus Christ is the One who comes to be Saviour. He comes to rescue us from our plight. Our sin has set us on a pathway to eternal dystopia. However, He takes all of that judgement at His cross and we can be released into a better life. Moreover, the news is far batter than us just being left in a neutral ambiguity. We instead have a life immersed in Christ. His life is now in our lives and so we can have a new life.

The only bright future for the planet is when righteousness is established in hearts and lives through Christ. To place the hope in humanity is a disaster. We need to look to Christ.


Here is a great testimony of how an atheist became a follower of Christ. So refreshing to know of God’s grace working to transform lives for his glory.

I am a heretic

The world around us is now dominated by a secular-humanist mindset. People operate without reference to God and consider this to be a healthy approach to life. As a result of this philosophy dominating our society there are certain doctrines which have become sacrosanct. Nobody is allowed any longer to speak against them. And if you take a position which does not conform to the prevailing wisdom you are ostracized and considered a heretic. So I am a heretic. Why am I a heretic? Here are three areas which lead to me being classified as a heretic. :

  • Evolution. I believe in a God who has created all things according to His purpose and plan. The THEORY of evolution has now become accepted dogma. If you take an alternative position you are a heretic. So I am a heretic because I believe in creation.
  • Homosexuality. The accepted dogma now is that homosexual relationships with full physical expression thereof are thoroughly acceptable. I believe that any sexual activity outside of a marriage between one man and a one woman for life is wrong. Homosexual relationships are wrong. So I am a heretic.
  • Child-Care. It is interesting that all the political parties now accept that this is a right for all. The only argument is about how it is arranged and financed. I believe that children at an early age are best in the care of their mother at home. So I am a heretic.

So I am a heretic!!!

The Atheist’s Belief System

I was watching an interview with John Blanchard recently (see here). According to John Blanchard the atheist’s belief system can be summed up as follows

Life begins as a fluke…………………………………..It continues as a farce……………………………………………………And it ends as fertilizer.

If there is no belief in a good Creator God, then life is utterly meaningless. This takes us into the territory of Ecclesiastes. If we view life without reference to God then it is all meaningless. Hear the words of Solomon:

So I hated life, because the work that is done under the sun was grievous to me. All of it is meaningless, a chasing after the wind. (Eccl. 2:17)

Finally let us be clear that the atheist does have a belief system. To believe there is no God is to believe something. If you are an atheist, what are your reasons for believing there is no God?

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