To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Who Might Get Us Through?

One comment that has haunted me throughout the Covid-19 outbreak as been that of Prince Charles from early April after he had recovered from the illness. You can see the speech here. The particular part to draw your attention to is 3 mins and 40 secs in. In that section he says “we need to have faith in ourselves and in each other.”

Such a statement I found to be somewhat alarming and expressive of where we are at as a nation. As we draw to the end of 2020 we face an uncertain future, but there is optimism that the vaccines for Covid-19, which haven been developed by various sources, will lead to a transformation of the situation and restoration of our “normal” lives.

The alarming prospect is that we are very likely going to emerge out of the outbreak congratulating ourselves on having done so well to get through. It is a source of dismay that there has not been any sense of a turning back to God in the West generally and in our nation in particular. There has been no sense that we need God to help us through and out of our predicament.

I would want to make it clear that the providing of a vaccine, through the wisdom and capabilities of dedicated scientists should be a source of thanksgiving to God. However, I fear that there will be none of that. It will be, to put it in Prince Charles words, because we have had faith in ourselves and each other.

As a result a major opportunity has been missed. God has shaken us over the last nine months and we have refused to listen. We have refused to make any connection between our sinful wanderings and the turbulences of a coronavirus outbreak.

God is not mocked by our ignoring and rejecting of Himself. His grace has been shown in this shaking. We have refused to take heed. Should it be that we get through, it seems we will laud ourselves and not God. So as we venture into 2021:

  • Might it yet be that there might be a turning back to the Lord.
  • Might the church turn back to our God and cry out to Him to revive His work.
  • May the zeal of the Lord fall upon us to passionately reach out to our communities.
  • And in your wrath remember mercy dear Lord.

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