To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

My Mum would always encourage me to endeavour and hard work by telling me that “money does not grow on trees.” Could it be that she was wrong? Those trees seem to be full on money at the moment. The Chancellor of the Exchequer is harvesting from them with alacrity and bringing in an unprecedented crop. Relentlessly (see here) he is showing forth a wonderful crop.

But what if he is wrong? What if that money tree is after all an imaginary tree. That being so then surely there are going to be some major consequences down the track. The fundamental principle is that debt must be paid back or the loan is called in and bankruptcy inevitably follows. Servicing all these debts will mean the levying of significant taxes. And what if the taxes do not flow-in? Anyway no doubt the Chancellor and his mandarins know far better than me.

Three things present themselves to me, though:

  • The danger of just living in the present. I do not want to downplay the predicament that many find themselves in at present through furloughing and inability to work. And the Chancellor should be lauded for his attempts to assist those in need. But it very much does seem to be a jam today approach. Indulging ourselves now without thought of the payback in the future is a dangerous approach.
  • The impact on a future generation. It is an altruistic heart that wants the best for others and that includes the generation to follow. To enjoy blessings now, but to prejudice the welfare of the next generation through doing so, is not loving. A major tax burden must be the lot of the next generation from the present approach. Church leaders also, need to always have this in mind in their approach to church life. We need always be raising up the next generation for ministry so as to bless the oncoming church.
  • Example. There is a significant issue to observe here and that is that of example. The government, with their largesse, are showing that you can borrow to your hearts content and it will all work out OK in the end. But will it? For the average punter it never does. So a terrible example is being set. In an already debt ridden economy an example is being set which is unhealthy. An example that if followed by many individuals will lead them to disaster. This reminds us that we all set an example for others. If we live in debt and encourage others to do the same it is most unsatisfactory. Lives may temporally be enhanced, but in the end there is the misery of bankruptcy etc.

Oh and to return to my Mum, she also would say “cut your garment according to your cloth”. The clear implication is that if you don’t, then you will end up with no garment! We need to be warned.



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