To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

If I Had Time……

The scenario goes like this: the preacher has a limited amount of time to present his material and so he says things like:

  • We only have a short time,
  • If we had more time we could go into these issues some more
  • There is a lot more that could be developed here if we had time.
  • This passage requires a lot more time for the understanding to be fully explored.
  • My time is nearly up

The list could go on with other statements of a similar ilk. And you are left thinking that in mentioning about having limited time you have, you are actually using up your valuable time in the mentioning of it.

So why not just get on with your message use every bit of time that you have to helpfully convey the message of the passage and edify the people.

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