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Depression (Again)(12)

It is six months today since I reached the nadir of my episode of serious depression around the turn of the year. On January 17th I pulled out of work to seek to get myself better.

In the mercies of the Lord, I have been restored to reasonable mental and emotional health. Through medication, prayer to the Lord, encouragement from others, wifely and family support and and some good rest and renewal, I have been brought back, in the Lord’s mercies, to a place where I feel I am functioning reasonably. I am still taking mediation, although am very gradually reducing the dose. Although I am persuaded that I will have to have this for the rest of my life.

I have had some fluctuations along the way. One period in particular in early June when May Lin was away in Malaysia, was hard with some reverberations of what I had been through.

I have been back working normally since early May. I have set myself to have some three week long sabbaticals and am in the midst of one of those at the moment.

I am a scarred man. But I trust I am a better man through what I have been through. When I hear of others going through the afflictions of depression or being overwhelmed with life my heart breaks and I long to pray. In many ways I want to be of help to others, but I feel so very weak. Nevertheless you feel I could be of some help to you, on account of what I have been through, please contact me.

I know not what the future holds, but I know my Father holds the future and that His everlasting arms are always underneath and are always strong enough to hold me now and forever.

If you are one of those who has prayed for me and encouraged me, then thanks. and by the way I still need those prayers and encouragements.

Comments on: "Depression (Again)(12)" (2)

  1. manoelpaz said:

    You have been an inspiration to me. Please, don’t stay depressed. The LORD will heal you before you can imagine. I’ll be in praying. (from Brazil)

  2. David Legg said:

    It’s really not very long since you were seriously ill, bro.

    I think you should be very cagy about reducing any dosages.

    If you were struggling as recently as last month, as you suggested, then now is certainly a bad time to reduce intake of anything antidepressants, I think.

    Furthermore, the coarse granularity of available tablet sizes means that you are likely to vary dosages too abruptly.

    You should take some pharmacological advice, IMO.


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