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Warwick Uni Rape Chat

This programme show gives the low-down on what transpired in the sordid “Warwick Uni Rape Chat” case. If you do watch it beware that it contains obscene language (although that is limited). Here is an article commenting on the independent review of the case.

To fill in the basis details. Some male students at Warwick University shared a social media chat group. This group degenerated into shared descriptions of what sexual exploits they desired to engage in with their female friends. The girls found out and were greatly alarmed.  Thereupon the matters were referred to the university authorities who handled them in a cack-handed kind of way. Here are some thoughts:

  1. Sexual Revolution. Look where all the revolutionary views, originating in the 1960’s, about sex and “freeing things up” have brought us to. Now I do not want to hark back to some prudish Victorian ways, the Bible is never prudish about sex – see the Song of Solomon for that. However, sexual engagement is for marriage between one man and one woman for life. As a result of weakening that fundamental principle moral chaos has ensued and this has not enhanced our view of sex, but rather cheapened it. Something that is a beautiful gift has been brutalized and marred.
  2. Modesty. Although, the depraved behaviour of the male students is indefensible, I do feel that girls need to take thought and care as to how they dress and present themselves. I have written somewhat on this issue here. I cannot comment specifically about the girls at Warwick university and how they presented, but I do feel it is an issue that girls need to think about. Ladies who dress revealingly put temptation to lust before men.
  3. Morality. When you operate without a moral compass to guide you then you are set loose of a sea of wildness. If you do not have base standards to operate from and upon, then, with some egging on, you can go anywhere. If the consensus of your group allows it then you just flow with it. Consensus rather than conviction drives us. Acceptance within the group is more important that keeping standards.
  4. Manhood. We live in an age where manhood has lost its ways. So many in their teens and twenties are at a loss to know what appropriate conduct of a man is to be. So we end up with infantile puerility of this ilk.
  5. Attitude to Women. Men should respect and honour women. It is a man’s responsibility to protect and support the weaker sex. The feminist movement sought that women would have equal rights to men. In many ways this was an honourable thing because there was unnecessary discrimination against women in terms of salaries, job opportunities and access to services. There have been gains in these areas. However, there has been much loss in terms of men’s attitude to women. After all, if men and women are now to be treated alike then each and all must fend for themselves. Mix this in with a bit of testosterone and bingo, you have men defaulting to an indulging sexual passions position; rather than using their strength to protect women.
  6. Education is not the dreamed of panacea. Here we have some of the brightest young men in our universities, and it is not just Warwick with examples of these debauched chat groups, as indicated in the aforementioned programme. These men may be progressing in academic knowledge, but possess a debased morality in sexual terms.
  7. Salvation. What is the hope for those taken in and involved in these types of discussion groups. First of all it is to realise that these lustings are all a part of the fruiting of our sinful nature. Accordingly, confession of sin before a holy God is needed. Thereupon, we cling to the Christ who is Jesus who gave Himself to deliver us form our sins into a new and living way and life. A life where, through the Spirit all our energies should be to please God and benefit others. Now that is better, so much better, than indulging our passions for the titillation of ourselves and others.

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