To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

I Would If I Could

I am pondering here upon how some people, when an issue is presented to them of someone with a pressing need of help, immediately come forward with alacrity to say that they would if they could.

Now I know that it is good to show willingness to help and that there are very often prevailing circumstances which prevent involvement. However, if and when I observe the repetitiveness of such a response it leaves me feeling somewhat concerned that the declaration of being willing, but unable, is all a bit showy. It is making everyone know that I am a very helpful person, in spite of the fact that I am prevented, by force of circumstances, from demonstrating my helpfulness.

To counter-balance my foregoing assertions, though, I would want to say that it can be good to make it clear that you are not indifferent to someone’s plight. If you become aware of someone’s need of assistance and because you cannot help just ignore it then that person may gather that you are just not interested in them.

Notwithstanding this reservation,  I aver to make sure that I am not a persistent offender as regards to making a show of my willingness, but always proclaiming my inability to deliver.

Also, if I am continually unable to help people in need because I am too busy, I may well need to address my lifestyle. Have I cluttered my life with too much so I that become one, who like the priest and the Levite in the parable of the Good Samaritan, always passes by on the other side? If such is the case I may need to think seriously about decluttering my life.

Oh and by the way, we serve a Saviour, Jesus Christ, who when He said He was going to do it, did it. No prevailing circumstances mitigated against His doing so. And as a result through His cross we have the most glorious eternal salvation.

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