To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Juice Drink

So you buy your fruit juice seeing that it is orange (or whatever) juice displayed on the carton. Then you take a drink and realize that it all tastes a bit watery. And then you look at the carton again and see the fatal word “drink”.

This basically means juice that has been watered down to produce some insipid “swill”. Of course, it is a very clever marketing tool to present something as juice, but to deliver it as swill. And the big culprit in all this is the “drink” word. For the producers and retailers that word presumably means they get around the trade descriptions legislation. All the while they are saving themselves money on the product by replacing valuable juice with cheaper water.

So if I became Prime Minister the first thing I would do is to ban the stuff. Well perhaps not. But you now what I mean (and feel).

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