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Be An Encourager

In Acts 4:26 we read of Joseph, a Levite from Cyprus, whom the apostles called Barnabas (which means ‘son of encouragement’), The apostles spotted in Joseph that he had a particular gift to encourage others. I feel it would be good to have more Barnabas’s around; those who are encouragers.

I, particularly want to focus on how we can encourage people at church. Think about who you could encourage this Sunday. There are no doubt various ones in your church who do lots of things in the background. They do important jobs so as to make the church function. There are those on the audio/recording, those arranging the flowers, those providing the refreshments, those cleaning the building, those taking care of the finances, those making sure the building is heated, those making sure the car park is tidy. There are no doubt many other tasks I have not mentioned.

Many people serve God in these ministries quietly and with little acknowledgement. We can easily say that they are doing it to serve the Lord and not men; that is true and all well and good. However, might we not be ministries of grace to them from the Lord to give them a little encouragement?

So this coming Sunday (or even before) why don’t you go prayerfully to church with a set purpose to encourage someone who is quietly serving with no fanfare. You never know, you may be the means of saving that person from giving up because nobody ever appreciates what they do!

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