To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

His Name Is……….?

I am left wondering about the prevalence of simply using the name “Jesus” for our beloved Lord. Almost without exception now I hear our Lord referred to as “Jesus” when the preaching of the Word occurs. Now, the name Jesus is ever so special because it tells us the One who will save his people from their sins (see Matt. 1:21). However, in scripture He is revealed in a far fuller way through His names and titles. He is our Lord Jesus Christ, for example. And there are so many other names and titles associated with Him.

Jesus, is the the name of His humanity. I don’t want to say we should never use that name, but when His disciples address Him, in the gospel records, they generally called him Lord. The Muslims get carried away with all the paraphernalia of what they have to attach when certain names are used. However, at least there is some gravity for the naming of their important figures, although this is falsely conceived.

I am just urging that we be thoughtful about this. How beautiful it is to hear Him called Lord Jesus and appreciated for all His majesty.

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