To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Asking Questions

I was with a friend recently and what struck me was his desire to ask questions. He is in many ways more knowledgeable biblically and spiritually than me, but was still desirous to ask me about my view on various matters. This opened up helpful conversation.

I was left pondering upon how this should not be such a unique happening, and concerned that it is something that I don’t experience that often. In many ways I came away warmed and encouraged from our time together. It made me think about prayerfully preparing for time with others through writing down or logging in my mind questions about issues I am either struggling with or would like help in understanding. I can then ask questions about these issues when I meet with others. Through this preparation these times together can be found to be so much more beneficial.

I was somewhat humbled that he would like my view on various issues. I felt encouraged by this. I am not sure how helpful my responses were, but his openness and willingness to interact and seek the opinion of myself left me buoyed that I might have something to offer people.

Alas it seems so very often that so many Christians are not asking questions and our times together are impoverished by this. A question in a group or other context can open up so much good conversation.

Why is it that people do not ask questions. Perhaps it is because they either know the answers to everything they come across in Scripture or they are not reading the scriptures or they are reading the Scriptures very superficially.

So I am challenged myself to ask questions so as to benefit from others people’s wisdom Also I encourage you to think about asking questions, you never know what blessing might come as a result.

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