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Those Ladies Up Front.

One of my observations in visiting many churches in the earlier part of the year was how much “air time” women in the church are given in leading “up front”. I am left wondering about this.

Now I am not sure that all the churches I visited would take a complementary view of the role of men and women in the church. I know, for sure that one of the churches would be egalitarian in their perspective. Many would have been clearly complementarian. For details of what these viewpoints mean see here . What I want to ponder upon is the fact that ladies in complementarian churches seem to be given more and more time up front.

There seems to be this thought that we need to show everybody that the ladies in the church can do so many things at the front. So rather than gaining the overall sense that the men are given the role of leading publicly, we are given a sense that the men lead, but we will make sure that the ladies are leading as much as possible as well.

It is as if we have to show that the ladies can really do lots of things in terms of leadership. It all seems a little bit gratuitous. In one church where the preaching had been very good we had a lady come on afterwards whose role I could not really suss. It seems like she was giving some extra application.

Now I want to make it clear that I am convinced and committed totally to all men and women being involved in church life, growing in grace and being effective in ministry. But what I saw left me wondering. In fact I wondered whether it was even counter-productive; the ladies rather than concentrating on their ministry call were placed in up-front roles which took them away from their ministry call.

One outcome of this is the neutering of the men. They see all these women now emerging on stage and they are not spurred to step-up.

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  1. Another problem, I would suggest, is that men need to be needed. If the women render us unnecessary, we go elsewhere to find ourselves necessary.

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