To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Breakage to Services

Given my differing church experience so far this year, I was led to ponder upon how being led into the worship of God and sensing God, can be hindered by certain happenings. I have already written here about how the introducing of hymns is important for assisting the flow of worship. Two further things I wnat to mention here are:


I experienced two instances of this. One was where a couple who were being welcomed into membership were interviewed. This worked well. The recognizing of fellowship which was being displayed in this seemed to be fully appropriate for appreciating the ways and grace of God together.

The other instance of this was where there was an impromptu interview of a lady who had just got engaged. This was somewhat tiresome. And as she was questioned about the gory details of how her beloved (now) fiance had done this and taht, you could feel the fuel of worship draining away from the service.

Movements of People

There are three aspects of this:

  • People arriving late. In a service recently I felt myself subconsciously looking to discover how many people had arrived at different pasts of the service. This distraction personally disturbed the appreciation of the service. I know that sometimes circumstances dictate that we are late for church, but why are so many people late?
  • Too many people leading at the front. Too many switches of personnel at the front can lead to a breakage in the service flow. Sometimes this is simply through switches of microphones; with certain ones phased in and out for different people. Otherwise it can be the need to adjust to so many different people leading which can be distracting. I would hasten to add that I think it good to involve different people in the services, but this must be done carefully.
  • The Mass Exodus I have written here about the mass exodus associated with the children leaving the church service and how this breaks up the flow of the service. In one church we were asked to talk together whilst this happened. After that it seemed as though we were starting a completely new service.

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