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Total Dependence.

One of the lessons I have been learning through my being afflicted by depression is to depend totally on the Lord in everything. Alas, I have to confess it is my normal default position is to presume that I can handle a situation myself. I wrote here about the detail of my depression experience and how “I can’t cope” expresses the pervasive character of the experience.

Depression strips a person of a reliance on their own resources. So I have been taught I must rely upon the Lord; I cannot rely on myself or circumstances. I can think of times in the last few weeks where I have faced situations and thought that I don’t know how i am going to get through this.  However, i look back and see how through the Lord’s grace I have been brought through.

In many ways this is such a precious lesson to learn because I am learning what should be at the kernel of our lives. To learn that I only truly live when God lives out His life through me is foundational to true living. It is what it is to live by faith; it means depending on the Lord.

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