To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.


Here are a few musings on Brexit:

  • If the EU gave the UK a really good deal then everyone will want out. And so there would soon be Italexit and Spexit. To expect the EU to be fawningly generous to the UK is crazy.
  • The EU did not kick the UK out; the UK decided to leave. The EU could just say “go then”.
  • The impression I get of Parliament is that so many seem to have been criticizing Mrs May’s (presumably now deceased) agreement as if it is an inadequate policy statement. It is not that; it is a negotiated agreement. And dare I say a negotiated agreement where the other side (the EU) have the stronger position. Have these MP’s never negotiated anything?
  • The whole process seems to be imbued with a “Rule Brittania” spirit. After all “we shall never be slaves” and we “rule the waves” and therefore the EU should just kowtow to us. The arrogance displayed is inappropriate and unseemly.
  • Why does our system of government always default to the adversarial approach? Given that the nation had democratically voted to leave the EU surely it would have been most sensible to set up the process of leaving the EU on a consensual basis with all parties involved. Parliament had a responsibility to deliver on the will of the British people. They seem to be miserably failing on that at the moment.
  • Don’t the people in Parliament know that businesses are suffering because of the uncertainty regarding Brexit.
  • I fear that the view of parliamentary democracy in this country is being diminished by this whole saga. Reflective of this is one friend’s meme asserting that “I seriously believe that our politicians of all shades are (politely) “incapable of organising a drinks reception in a vineyard?””
  • The prospect of a second referendum fills me with foreboding. If the vote went in favour of remaining in the EU some degree of civil unrest would ensue, I fear.
  • And by the way I, and possibly many other of my compatriots, are still somewhat disappointed by England losing to Croatia on 11th July last year. Can’t we have the game replayed? Demands for a second referendum seem to be a lot about sour grapes concerning not winning first time around.

So we commit all to the Lord. Praise be to You, Lord, that You are not confused by it all.

And amidst it all there are lessons for us as we seek to deal with issues in our own spheres, including churches:

  • Fight pride. In all things act with humility.
  • Deal with reality and not fantasy.
  • Leaders, including church elders, should work for consensus among themselves in moving forward om issues. This should be the default position in their operations together.
  • Always seek to understand the position of those on the other side.

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