To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Depression (Again) (9)

My journey through my latest episode of depression continues. I trust that I am now emerging out of the debilitating symptoms and into a time of more normal functioning. This is a great relief and I am thankful to our Lord Jesus for the measure of recovery.

February was a month of progress and re-establishing myself. However, there was a significant blip in the middle. I got a cold on February 8th, which soon passed away actually, but the onset of the cold triggered a re-assertion of the depression for a week or so. This coincided with a planned period away. I was left wondering why. Here are some ensuing thoughts:

  • I felt there were further necessary lessons that the Lord wanted to teach me particularly as regards dependence on Him.
  • My plans are not always the best plans. My plan was for restful, relaxing time away; the Lord’s plan was for further suffering. This does not negate the fact that I was the recipient of so much kindness from various friends and family whilst away and was so appreciative of everyone’s generosity to me. There was much to enjoy through this. However, it has been the coming home that has brought the rest, refreshment and relaxation in so many ways.

People have continually urged me to not rush back. I was blessed though to attend the 11.00 service at Feltham last Sunday for the first time in seven weeks. I am presently signed off work until March 10th.


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