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Depression (Again) (3)

My post from Friday raises the issue of Christians taking antidepressants (see here). I have written about this previously here. In many ways I do not have much to add to what I wrote there.

I would like to ponder on of the issue of us living in a fallen world and how that bers upon taking anti-depressants. As Christians we are redeemed by the precious blood of Christ. We have an everlasting salvation now which cannot be taken away. However, we still live in this world. And this world is a fallen world; in so many ways it does not function properly and in so many ways we do not function properly. The fact that we get illnesses and injuries demonstrates this.

As Christians we so easily categorize physical ailments as being acceptably treated with medication, but that issues of the mind are spiritual and should not be medicated. Such seems a very simplistic approach. The fall also has consequences for our minds as well. In a sense my mind is dysfunctional. I mentioned this in a sermon I preached last year at our church. It is here. The medication is a provision from God to help me and many other sufferers to function better than we would otherwise.

As some people take regular ongoing medication for heart disease or blood pressure problems so others take medication to stabilize their mental condition. Although, I do not profess to be an expert in the medical issues it appears I have a tendency to be deficient in seretonin. The taking of sertraline seeks to boost production of seretonin.


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  1. […] to conclude that medication can be of no help in the mental and emotional realm. I have written here about my journey in taking antidepressants. My experience and the experience of many others is that […]

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