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Depression (Again) (2)

I wrote of this yesterday here. The whole experience is quite humbling particularly as I was celebrating good anti-depressant free progress here. I had also spoken to quite a few people about my improved condition. I don’t regret the change of diet and believe it has done me much good including helping me shed some weight. However, it has not been the cure-all that I desired and even mused upon in my post.

The returning to Sertraline has also been a significant disappointment. I think it is the normal aspiration for all on anti-depressants to be off them. For myself I was optimistic about being able to move on without them. Alas that has not transpired. As things got difficult at the end of December, I tried to carry on without, but wisdom (and my wife’s good counsel) prevailed and I have taken them again.

One of the sobering outcomes of me going on medication again, is that I feel I am now on them for the rest of my life. You may say that that sounds somewhat melodramatic. In a sense it is, but there were dark times particularly over the Christmas period. I just don’t want those again. You see the medication is for me a safety-net. It protects from the mental free-fall into places you would rather not go.

So possibly I have to come to terms with being a man-on-pills for the rest of my life. Perhaps I speak too hastily. My Father knows best.

Comments on: "Depression (Again) (2)" (2)

  1. Susan Legg said:

    Pills for the rest of our life can be an amazing good gift from God I think, whether they are for high blood pressure or depression……..and on the new earth in our new bodies we’ll never need them again! Til then, let’s thank the Lord for pills that work……..

  2. […] post from Friday raises the issue of Christians taking antidepressants (see here). I have written about this previously here. In many ways I do not have much to add to what I wrote […]

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