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Depression (Again)

The rigours of depression have beset me somewhat of late, once again. In a sense it has all come quite suddenly. From about three weeks ago I felt myself somewhat out-of-kilter and things not functioning properly. Since then life has moved on and I have been able to fulfill my duties, but it has been with more of a heaviness than a lightness;. The experience has fluctuated though: good times and not so good. What of the background to this?

July and August were a little bit “sticky” as regards to my mental well-being. I mentioned here about my change of diet and the fact that I had stopped taking anti-depressants for the first time in sixteen years. Alas, I think I have experienced something of the mental and emotional free-fall I wrote about there.  I had a remarkably good spell for about three-and-a-half months until mid-December; that was a spell of me not taking Sertraline, the anti-depressant I have taken since October 2002. Given my relapse I have re-started medication since December 29th. However, because I was without mediation for so long it no doubt, takes some while to work into my system.

I do not fully fathom what has happened given that I had such a good spell. I have written previously here about my confusion about how the spiritual, mental and emotional inter-relate in my being. So I journey on. One thing that has come to me today is that the Lord has things to teach me through this experience.

I may write further on this in future days. Oh yes, and please pray for me through this time.

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  2. […] I write this pondering upon how I am immeasurably recovered from where I was five months ago. My mental and emotional state now is incomparable to how I was when in the depths of weakness and despair through depression. If you want to follow the issue of my depression please follow the “Depression (Again)” posts which start here […]

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