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Leaders and Women’s Dress.

As a general rule church elders should not make comment about the dress of ladies and particular attention should be given to this as regards to those sisters in the church. This is because:

  • They should only have eyes for their wife and should give no indication having eyes for any other woman. Mentioning about a woman’s dress at least gives a hint in that direction. It needs to be remembered that to be an elder is to be “faithful to his wife” (1 Tim. 3:2b) which can be legitimately rendered a “one-woman man”
  • It can stir up the interest of a woman towards the offending elder. This may be completely inadvertent, but can happen. The woman thinks “he’s interested in me”. This can lead to the destabilising of marriages whether that be of teh elder of the woman or possibly both.

So we need, as elders, to be very disciplined in this matter. The one time when I would suggest it is appropriate for elders to draw attention to the dress of other ladies is when their dress is not modest as per 1 Timothy 2:9a.

And in all this the elder should be relentlessly encouraging his wife as regards to her attire. It is part of cherishing her and loving her to encourage her in her dress. And to make it clear that he only has eyes for her.

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