To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Never Speak Ill….

…..of anyone or anything in the church before your children. Your children should never hear you speak negatively of the church of which you are members. You can converse among yourselves as parents or with others, as appropriate and necessary, although you should generally avoid a grumbling spirit. However, in respect of your children they should always know that church is a happy place, a safe place and a place where they build up a reservoir of happy memories.

Speaking ill of the church undermines this. It allows Satan to gain a foothold in their lives. It causes them to be suspicious of others in the church. All this is not good and can undermine the wholesome development of their hearts. You should take every care as a parent so as they have an affection for the church of God. By this they can know it is a good place. Moreover through this they will not be diverted from having their focus on the Lord’s salvation.

Let us not do the devil’s works through our carelessness. Let us not be instruments in the evil ones’ hands to derail our children into the embrace of the Lord’s grace.

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