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Praying For People.

I was reading a review by Tim Challies (see here) of The book “Gay Girl, Good God” which is written by Jackie Hill Perry. She is a lady who was converted out of a lesbian lifestyle. In the review there is this quote from the book:

“[S]omeone had obviously been talking to God about me and it was the reason why God wouldn’t leave me alone. Obviously, whatever was being asked of Him, regarding me, was making my little sinful world spin. It was dizzying to live on now-a-days. Trying to stand up straight (or should I say, queer), made everything I loved, mainly myself and my girlfriend, blurry. Nothing was clear except God’s loud voice saying, ‘Come.’”

I was really struck by her observation about how someone was talking to God about her. This provokes me to be aware of the importance of supplicatory prayer. The Lord is the sovereign Lord who works all things according to the counsel of His own glorious will. Yet notwithstanding the validity of the glorious truth of the sovereignty of God the Lord has ordained that He works out His good purpose through our payers.

This leads me to ponder upon who am I talking to God about? And perhaps more fundamentally do I believe that the Lord really works through my prayers for people and about people?

In all this we need to be aware that the Lord moves through prayers that are in accordance with his will. When we pray for teh Lord to glorify His Name in the salvation and sanctification of people we can be sure that the Lord is happy with that prayer. Similarly when we pray for people to be convicted sin and led to faith in Christ we can know we are in the Lord’s will.

So I want us to be stirred to pray believing that the Lord moves thorough our prayers. So who am I regularly speaking to the Lord about? And what about you? Who is on your prayer list?

And then let us be anticipating the outcome of our prayers as we talk to God about people.

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