To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Let Them Be Bored.

One of the great doctrines of parenting today it seems is: “they shall not be bored”. As a result parents fuss and stress over making sure that the children are fully occupied. I am somewhat unpersuaded by this dogma.

It seems to me that it is a very good thing for children to get used to being bored. Through this the children will soon stop being bored. Why will this happen? It happens through the children being forced to take initiative themselves to make their own fun. Games and activities can be spawned from the most limited of resources, when children are allowed, either individually or collectively, to break their boredom through the designs of their imagination.

My parents were busy throughout my childhood, in fact I don’t remember my Dad playing with us. And yet we just got on with doing things.

It would be my conclusion that children develop better when they are forced to make their own entertainment. Imaginations flourish and the ability to take initiative is fostered.

In saying what I have said I do not want to take away from the value of parents doing things with their children. This is a most important aspect of parenting. The thing I do want to speak against is that of a parent being obsessed with doing things with their children.

And lurking in the background is the tendency to default to the computer taking over as the maker of entertainment. Although this can be an appropriate tool for a child’s development, it does have to be monitored so that children make their own entertainment in other ways.

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