To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Consultation Fatigue

I fear I have “consultation fatigue”. What is it I am referring to?

The changing moral climate in the UK is continually driving the political authorities to consider changes to long established societal norms. As a result there are consultations which relentlessly emerge from “the corridors of power” for the public, parents and all with a pertaining interest to make representations on the presenting issue. These documents are often complex and hard to follow, particularly for the uninitiated like myself.

The outcome of all this is to feel worn down. The continued push against the, often biblically derived, sensible structures and practices of society seems so unnecessary. And yet the anti-God, anti Christian ethos of our day would want to press on to demolish the long-established bulwarks.

Joining in with the consultations is a way of seeking to stand against the flow and yet the flow seems like a flood at times and hard to withstand.

And when you do get involved those consultations can be so time-consuming. To venture in is to be taken into a labyrinth of language so obviously fashioned in the courts of Whitehall with little regard for the common man. The likes of The Family Education Trust and Christian Institute work valiantly to give help through the process and I admire them much for it.

I do feel at times like “I am letting the side down” when I don’t get involved. But I am fatigued by it. Another mailout for The Christian Institute on another consultation induces a wearied groan from within me.

Where does it all leave me? I must pray and seek the Lord about it all. If there are times when I feel I should get involved then I should. In the end we have limited time and energy. We are here to be for the Lord though and seek to stand for Him as God gives opportunity and guiding.


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