To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Middle Lane Hogging.

It does seems to be a big issue on motorways. And in many ways it is a frustrating issue. The issue is that people refuse to go into the inside lane on motorways. Here is an article on the subject. Some thoughts would be:

  • Is there no proper instruction / training on this matter when people learn to drive?
  • Makes me wonder whether motorway driving should actually be in the practical driving test.
  • How do you respond when it happens that someone is hogging the middle lane and the inside lane is free. Previously I used to attempt to go round them into the outside lane. However, I have to confess I have taken more and more to undertaking in a careful manner.
  • Surely there should be more instruction going on. There is such a lot of it happening.
  • And surely there should be action taken against lane hoggers. The article talks about fines and points on license. I am not sure how much it happens.

And if you read this and you are prone to middle lane hogging perhaps you could explain why you do it?

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