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Impending Crisis

I was chatting to someone last weekend about the impact of the lack of rainfall and excessive sunshine and heat. He was questioning why it was that the matter was not more of a news item. Two issues are potentially leading to a crisis: they are that of the supply of water and also the supply of food. With reservoirs diminishing and crops either not growing or perishing in the fields there is surely something of an impending crisis. So why is there this lack of prominence given to this issue by the news media?

My response would be that the urbanites of this country are largely detached and unaware of the source of their food and water. For two generations, really since the sixties, we have had a ready supply of food in our supermarkets and water in our taps. The assumption is that it will always be so since, as they perceive, it has always been so.  Accordingly, there is no alarm that it might not be so in the future even the not so distant future. Hence, the news media and the consumers thereof have little appetite for the matter to be a big news issue.

As footnote on this matter, surely it is a time to be reminded that all good things come from God. Largely, as a nation, we have assumed that our food and water will be readily available and there has been no giving of thanks to the Lord God who supplies our food and water. As Christians, we should not be that way. We should always be receiving our daily bread from our God with thanksgiving.

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