To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Parents Together.

Children can be very demanding. Knowing that God has given you these precious gifts necessitates that you give your lives for their benefit. However, in all of this giving for the welfare of children, which is right and proper, a couple need to remember to nourish their own relationship. In fact if they start to drift apart and not be together then they will not be able to serve and benefit their children as they should.

So parents need to make sure they keep their relationship strong, fresh, vital and joyous as they move through the demanding task of bringing up children. How do they do this?

Time Together. It is vital that they spend time together. This might mean going to a quiet place in the home, if such a place can be found. More likely it means going for a walk together or “a coffee” at the local coffee shop. Taking a night or two away on your own might mean you have to take time to arrange things for the children to be cared for, but is well worth doing to give you time and space together.

One practical thing to think of is to make sure you have a lock on your bedroom door. This will give you opportunity for that quiet place. It will also mean that your times of intimacy are not threatened by one of the children barging in. A locked door means you can relax together and be for each other. An unlocked door means you are always on edge.

Encouragement. A mother can often feel she is of little use and is not being productive as she relentlessly goes through the drudgerous routine of home life. Changing nappies and preparing meals can seem endless. Husbands can feel that the responsibility they have in leading their family is just too big. Given these scenarios each must take time to encourage and appreciate each other. Failure to do this can lead to a cycle of despair.

So make sure that you take time to encourage each other. Perhaps at the end of each day stop and think have I encouraged my wife/husband today? If not make sure you do so before you go to sleep.

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