To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Those Permutations.

Just musing upon the issue of what we give our thinking time to. This is in the light of so much discussion about those permutations today. Yes what if England finish first or second in their group. See here for one discussion of it all; but of course only look at the link if you want to waste ten minutes of your life (which you won’t get back) on inane trivia.

Mark Chapman on Radio 5 live at about 17:15 last year asked Chris Sutton a despairingly inane question about Sweden now being in a certain part of the draw which England may be in.

Now, I have my proneness to overly indulge in football which leads to a wifely rebuke from time-to-time, but I am just left pondering about how much thought time we give to trivia in contrast to the big issues of life.

“What is going to happen when I die?” is rarely asked or considered. But surely it is a bit bigger than England’s first or second place in Group G at the world cup or even if England actually win the world cup

I don’t want to be a kill-joy, but there just seems something wrong here.

It is not as if the football deliberations are a little diversion from consideration of the weightiest issues. No. this is just a further indication of what so many are pre-occupied with.; taht is things ultimately of no consequnce

And by the way why did Jesus Christ come into the world? Can I ask that you give five minutes to considering that today. In fact I think I will go and ponder on that for five minutes myself.

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