To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Reaching Conclusions.

A couple of times recently I expressed a viewpoint during conversations about two different issues. It was intriguing and perplexing to observe what followed. As the conversation developed I mentioned something else which appertained to the issue and the immediate response was to conclude that my point of view on the issue was because of the certain experience I had related.

This was all quite perplexing because in both instances the conclusion was wrongly made. I did not hold the point of view because of the connected experience. This made me think of two things;

  • We need to be careful not to be too swift to draw conclusions about why someone holds a certain point of view. If you want to know ask them. Don’t just leap to conclusions.
  • Be careful about a ‘one cause’ conclusion. In virtually every point of view that someone has on a matter, there have been more than one contributing factor to them reaching their conclusion. So we need to be careful about looking for simplistic answers to why someone holds a certain position.

Above all in these matters stop and listen.

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