To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Easter Is Over….

……..but dear fellow preacher of the Word, please make sure you don’t forget to continue to focus your preaching on Christ and preach Him as crucified and risen from the dead. Easter is over for another year, and there has been a focus on the death burial and resurrection of our Saviour, and that is no doubt good. But if we are persuaded thereby that we can now move on in church life and not be prioritizing those issues then we have got things seriously wrong.

Easter can have a bad knock-on effect if that is the case; I have written about that here. So if you are preaching the Word this Sunday or any other Sunday ahead don’t forget that the Christ is the big theme of the Bible. He is the One who brings all things, and that includes us, back to God for good.

The people in front of you need to hear about Him. They need the One who brings life to the dead, light to those in darkness, purpose to the directionless, hope in the hopeless, forgiveness to the guilty.

So I say to myself: “Philip go preach Christ and preach him as the crucified One who is now alive and glorified. and preach Him in His death and resurrection.”

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