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Call to Preach

I first preached the Word of the Lord in front of a congregation in February 1988, if I recollect correctly. I have continued to preach from that time. So that makes it now just on thirty years for me to be preaching the Word of God publicly.

One key driver in me being given to present the Word publicly was the transformation from my pre-believing experience. Before I became a Christian my attempts at public speaking were something of a disaster. Dare-I-say, I was something of a laughing stock through my ineptitude. I felt no real engagement with the whole process of presenting material before an assembled group of people.

Upon becoming a Christian this changed. Whereas before my conversion I was prone to tongue-tiedness, I now felt a desire to stand and communicate God’s truth before people. Many may still say that ineptitude prevails in my public declarations, but I still feel that desire to communicate in front of people. To hijack a Jim Elliot quote, I am one of the nobodies who wants to speak about somebody; that somebody is, of course, Jesus our Lord.

So if I was to draw upon a providential happening that would convince me of the Lord’s calling to preach the Word, it would be in this transforming work, which I believe to be, of the Lord.

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