To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

A and E.

January is still with us and demand for the services of Accident and Emergency (A & E) in our hospitals continues as we still journey through the winter months. One of the problems is surely that so many people go to A and E too easily.

As a boy I don’t remember having any knowledge that there was a hospital A & E facility. I think the first time I went was when I was about 18 with a knee injury. The culture now is that A & E is for the slightest ailment. So the whole concept of it being “Accident and Emergency” seems to have gone by the way. It seems to be for any ailment.

The thought of waiting for the Doctors to be open for lesser ailments to be treated seems to have passed. Of course the Doctors are very busy and it can take a long time to get an appointment, but the thinking just seems so different

Moreover, it sometimes amazes me what people go to the Doctors or A & E for. If you have a fever I would not normally think of going anywhere other than my home and getting through it until it passes. If it is a high fever for a long time that is different.

It seems that many born outside the UK see things differently and they expect to go to “the medical people” if anything is wrong .

And then the hospitals are loath to be found negligent to the people coming to the, A & E and so they want to give people appropriate attention. That means that people who should be turned away are given attention which take attention from others.

And then with the general increase in population in the UK it all puts pressure on A & E.

No wonder we have a system which is under strain.

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