To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Asylum Take-Over.

The lunatics have done it; they have taken over the asylum. We live in a country where the moral compass that guides decision making in so many realms has gone askew. Where we used to see sanity and reasonableness now we see lunacy and moral chaos. It is all carried off as being part of the progressive development of society. But surely in the “cold light of day ” it is lunacy.

The image I am seeking to engage with is that of how asylums, which contain mentally deranged people, are kept in order by having the sane in charge. Having the mentally deranged take-over leads to may-hem

In western society the policy making and opinion influencing elite have, I suggest, been responsible by a massive slight of hand particularly in the realm of sexual and gender ethics. The destructive consequences of a homosexual lifestyle and the transgender transition have been airbrushed out of the debate. And to bring such issues up is immediately met with  homophobic or transphobic rebuffs.

So the asylum, which used to maintain a degree of sanity through being controlled by the sane and reasonable whose views were formed out of a moral framework formed by the Bible, is now controlled by those who approve of all that is destructive. Here is a documentary on the trans phenomenon and how we should respond to the architects of devastation in people’s lives.

Amid all this is the fact that a substantial number know that this is all nonsense, but the atmosphere is very hostile to us. We fear being branded in a certain way.

As Christians there is a danger that we become reformers of the asylum and not transformers. What I distinguish here is the danger of just seeking to make everything better by stopping the spread of certain ideology. That would just be reforming the status quo; it would be reforming what is already there. Instead we need to be transforming the asylum though the right teaching about the power of Jesus Christ.

So let us be convinced that the hope of our nation and our world is found in Jesus Christ alone. Let us long and pray for evangelists to be raised up and the gospel to go forwards

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