To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Dogs and Me (and You).

At a distance the situation was somewhat comical. A young man running across the park to get his train was being harangued by a triumvirate of very agitated small Yorkshire terrier type dogs. The dog owner was obviously convinced that the mans’ actions were only exacerbating the problem as the dogs got more and more demented in their behaviour. It was clear at a distance she was remonstrating with the man. The man himself seemed somewhat bemused by it all. Eventually he continued on his way and all calmed down.

Having related this happening I have to reveal that if we were to make categories of dogophiles and dogophobes I am definitely in the dogophobe category. Dogs do not endear  themselves to me particularly. So as I watched this scene I was immediately sympathetic with the beleaguered young man. The lady, subsequent to these events, regaled my wife with how the young man should have acted towards the dogs. I was left thinking: perhaps you should have been, more careful about how you handle your dogs, my dear.

These all remind me about how so easily we view the world wholly through our own viewpoints. Your attitude to dogs will largely determine how you respond to the event I have mentioned. But love must be bigger and better than that. I must see how things are from the other person’s point of view. I must seek to understand this.

This all reminds me of my own personal experiences of how when valuing property I had to visit houses or flats for an inspection. Sometimes I would become aware of some hound in the house who according to sound and sight would likely consume me for breakfast dinner and tea and still be ravenous thereafter. Whereupon the owner would say that he is such a gentle dog and would not do me any harm. To which I would reply “please just lock him away so I can get on with my inspection.”

So if you are a dogophile please be aware of lesser mortals like myself who are in the dogophobe category.  Also remember that there are some of us who are not so bold and brave regarding dogs and do not regard all canine beings with endearment. And please control your dogs when they are out.

And finally, I freely acknowledge that this is a very one sided post and that I do need to learn to be a bit more reasonable (and brave) about dogs.

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