To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Sunday’s Special.

One way that I have sought to work out this specialness over the years is to have a media-free day. And what a blessing it is to have a day free from checking in on news, sport or whatever.

However, there is a challenge to this. One of the things I have heard over the years is that if you are leading a service or preaching on a Sunday morning you need to make sure you have listened to the news, so that you have not missed any big breaking news. This is considered important so that you do not end up leading the service oblivious to a big story that has broken and so is in the minds of the congregation. The death of Princess Diana on SUNDAY 31st August 1997 is quoted as a notable case in point.

So of late I have on occasion checked the Sunday morning news. But then I am left thinking: “do I really have to do this?”. I know it is only a small thing, but do I need to sacrifice the blessing of a non-media day for this? So I think I will revert and go to a no news Sunday again. I may miss a big news thing from time-to-time. But I think the gain is worth it.

A different day on Sunday for the Lord is a big blessing

Comments on: "Sunday’s Special." (1)

  1. Amen such blessings are greatly neglected in the church today.
    Isaiah 58: 13-14

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