To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

……..and then someone will sort out the roof” is, I believe, a phrase emanating from Dick Lucas. I heard it some years ago and it has often reverberated around my little brain. Here are some of the issues that it raises.

  1. Particularly when you are in a small church situation, there is a tendency to do jobs in the church because you feel there is no-one else to do them. But if you are called to pastoral ministry then there is a danger that you are taken away from the work you are called to do.
  2. When the Word of God is being taught effectively then the church starts to mature. And in that maturing people start to discover their gifts. Some will have the relevant practical gifts which lead to them being able to solve the practical problems. So the roof problem will be sorted out.
  3. If you are called to preach the Word, but also focus on the practical work you are likely to burn yourself out.
  4. If you are called to preach the Word, but fail to do so because so many other things are taking your time, then the church will not mature and gifts will not be emerging in the fellowship.

So fellow elders let us be thoughtful about what we prioritise in our ministry.

(Originally published at Venabling on 03/07/2015)

Comments on: "“Teach them Romans…….”" (1)

  1. Thanks that’s a helpful insight, it must be hard as elders as you see so much needing doing may God guide and direct you. We will be praying

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