To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Being There

One of the beauties of being a Christian is to be committed to a local fellowship of believers. In being bound-in with the body of Christ, as has been set in that church, there is the responsibility to be assembling with them on a regular basis. From my earliest days of being a babe in Christ I was blessed to be in a fellowship where there was a commitment to be together. Accordingly, there was the expectation of being there at the services on a Sunday and also at the Prayer and Bible Teaching Meeting on a Wednesday. It was not something I thought about, it was something you did. And I have had the privilege to continue this over the years in other fellowships.

It seems to me to be a freeing thing to not have to think: should I or should I not go to the service. It is all just part of the beautiful responsibility of being in a local representation of the body of Christ. It therefore, perplexes me when there are those who just don’t perceive it that way. The services of the fellowship are attended to on the basis of what fits in with their convenience and arrangements.

In saying what I have, there are obviously times when you cannot be there, ill health, emergencies, holidays, fulfilling responsibilities towards others, work commitments and looking after children would cover circumstances where church attendance has not been possible.

In saying all this we do not want to make church attendance as a means of gaining status with the Lord. Our standing with the Lord is all  to do with the grace that is in Christ. We want church to be a place of delight in His grace and a place where we long to be together.

But that all does not take away from the fact that when we bind to a church we bid to supporting the meeting together at the services. If you are a church member and are not at the services you are missed; the body feels it.

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