To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

It was interesting to watch this interview with Steve Hansen after the All Blacks lost to The British and Irish Lions last Saturday. It seems to me that it should be compulsory viewing for all English Premier League (EPL) managers in the UK. What a difference to the usual griping, carping and complaining about the other team and the officials that you get in interviews from losing managers after EPL matches.

It is just beautiful to hear his straightforward acceptance of the decisions made by the referee and acceptance of the difficulties faced by the referee. And the captain Kieran Read comes out of it very impressively as well.

And I am left thinking about the impact of this sort of thing. It is so valuable because it reinforces the authority of the referees. He is the one in charge; he is the one who does his best to make decisions according to his best judgement. This attitude is picked up by youngsters, in particular, and a respect for referees is developed. And this is for the good of all playing the game.

In the EPL, with all the negative stuff against referees which is retailed by those who should know better, it leads to negative attitudes to referees which percolates throughout the game. So see here for a report on the perils of being a referee.

This leads me further to ponder upon the fact that Christianity is an authoritarian faith which flows from  a God who has established structures of authority for the wise government of his universe. We should always be supporters of those in authority. We should realise that when there is an undermining of those in authority then destructive forces are let lose.

So well-done Steve Hansen! Give Him a knighthood for services to decency!

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  1. nomadicpages said:

    You sounds like Mark! That is my husband…. he’s always saying the same thing about rugby – ie the players abide by the referee’s decision.

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