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Fresh Fruit and Veg.

As spring merges into summer I am led to ponder upon what we have lost through the availability of fruit and veg all year round. Everything now seems to be available all the time, 365/24/7 we can get whatever fruit and veg we want. What have we lost?:-

Freshness: When I stop and think it seems so long since I actually tasted “new” potatoes. That unmistakable delicious taste is something I can’t remember enjoying for several years. So many people who consume potatoes as a staple in their diet through supermarket purchasing, have never had that delight. And then there are tomatoes. I still remember being in Luke’s Nurseries in Goostrey and tasting such oh so fresh and delicious tomatoes. Such sweetness such delight to the taste buds. And now we so often have mass-produced, anodyne, spherical, red things that we call tomatoes.

Seasonality: We seem to be losing the preciousness of the seasons. I speaking here of losing the anticipation of certain fruits and vegetables only being available at a certain time. There was a certain anticipation about this. And for the godly there would be a sense of thanksgiving that God had once again arranged the seasons, including the provision of sun and rain, so that the crops were produced. In our 365/24/7 culture where all are have all available all the time we lose out on the beauty of how God works through the seasons.

Comments on: "Fresh Fruit and Veg." (4)

  1. You need to grow yoru own, bro 😉

  2. Point Taken, Dave.My fingers are not very green though.

  3. nomadicpages said:

    Love your blog Philip. Thank you fir provoking thoughts. Blessings Gill

    • nomadicpages said:

      We are so big fine, a little over busy but okay. Thank you so much for your prayers – they are greatly appreciated.

      Love Gill and Mark

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