To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Processing Information

Here is an insightful video about how we process information from an intellectual and emotional perspective. Phil Vischer explains that we can alter the pace of intellectual assimilation of information, but we cannot speed-up the emotional response to receiving information.

I think this is something that all who present biblical materiel should ponder upon. There are times whilst preaching or leading a study that we should purposely slow up so as to allow a deep response to the truth of God. If we do not do thsi then we do people a disservice because we don’t allow them time to know the power of the Word into their lives. In the light of this it is interesting to think upon the use of Selah in the Psalms. When we see Selah in the Psalms then we are being told to slow-up, consider, meditate upon and respond to what you have heard. 

Fellow preachers I think we need to think more about incorporating “Selah” times into our preaching.

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