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15 Minute Rule

If you have responsibility at a church service make sure you are there fifteen minutes before the service starts. This is a good practice to get used to. It means that:

  • there is time for anything that needs to be attended to to be sorted out.
  • there is no last minute rush to deal with any issues.
  • people are not left with uncertainties about whether or not you are going to be there to fulfill your responsibility.
  • there is space, as necessary, to pray with others before the service.
  • you have some built-in leeway, in the event that you are delayed in your travelling. Planning to arrive at the last minute is likely to lead to you being late if there is any unexpected eventuality.

So adopt the fifteen minute rule as a good practice. To do so shows godliness in that you:

  • are reliable. Having made a a commitment, you act in such a way as to make sure you fulfill it.
  • are loving. You want to act so as to cause as little trouble as possible to others.


Comments on: "15 Minute Rule" (1)

  1. Amen also a wholesome guideline for everyone! We arrive early for flights, cinema, football games, concerts, dinner reservations, theme parks etc
    What a blessing to get the front row in God’s house so there is no distractions from gazing upon His beauty!

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