To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Young and Old.

The young and old need each other. They need each other whether that be in society, in the family, or in the church. As a general principle the older have the wisdom and the younger have the vigour. However, one big problem is that both young and old are often distant from each other. In the church this should not be so.

One way in which the younger can bridge this gap and bring great joy to the older is through taking an interest in them. I believe that younger people just don’t realise how much blessing they can bring to older people through very simple things. A visit for example can be so special for older ones. This is particularly the case for those who rarely get out and therefore can be very lonely. Sometimes it is a phone call that can bring much encouragement to someone. Just a little thoughtfulness can bring much blessing to an older person.

So younger people think about how you can bless others. A little time and effort from you can achieve much good. Of course a key to bringing this good into the lives of others, is to make sure that you are praying. Pray about what you do so that you can effectively use your time to bless others.

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